Codemasters Is Developing A New Multiplayer IP

The Codemasters official page just tweeted out that they are looking for a Senior Programming Designer for a new multiplayer IP that they are working on.

Codemasters is mostly known for making realistic and thrilling racing games. It looks like the video game company is planning to add another multiplayer, racing IP to its collection. However, details regarding this new multiplayer IP are in short supply.

Codemasters has developed racing games like the Formula One games series and the GRID series. A recent tweet from the Codemasters official page shows a new job offering.

The company seems to be “hiring a Senior Programming Designer for a brand new, unannounced IP”. The job listing on their page says:

Codemasters are thrilled to announce we are embarking on a whole new IP which will deliver exceptional multiplayer experiences to new game audiences the world over. We are currently prototyping the creation of a brand-new title which is fully aligned with our core driving game expertise and represents an entirely new dimension within our illustrious portfolio.

Judging by the wording used in the job listing, the new IP could very well be a multiplayer racing game. We are unsure whether the developer is aiming for a new F1 2020 game or something like a Forza Horizon game. It could also be something that is focused on Sim racing.

The job listing also mentions “Cross-platform and console experience” meaning that this new IP could also have cross-play enabled. F1 2019 received universal praise from the gaming community.

Their latest F1 flagship game had a polished AI system all the while providing a challenging online racing experience. The gameplay was consistent and reliable and was rooted in realism.

There is a high chance that this new multiplayer IP is, in fact, an F1 2020 game. The release date for F1 2020 is still unknown. The latest game dropped in June 2019 but Codemasters usually releases these games in August. At this point, it’s anybody’s guess what this new multiplayer IP is about. Hopefully, the British developer maintains its standards and provides improvements for this upcoming game.