Code Vein Partner Traits And Multiplayer Elaborated On By Bandai-Namco

Bandai Namco has explained the various Code Vein partner traits and multiplayer, showing off the different abilities that each partner has along with explaining multiplayer mechanics.

New facets of gameplay for Bandai-Namco’s upcoming RPG Code Vein have been revealed, mainly in the form of Code Vein partner traits and multiplayer. Each of the different partners available in the game will have different specialties and weapons, and have special abilities that they can use to help you.

First off, we have Mia Karnstein, who is a support character that specializes in helping you from afar with her gun and its bayonets. While she’s not as physically powerful as other characters, her support abilities can come in handy for buffing you during fights or supporting you from afar. Her “Trance Time” ability also allows you to use more powerful items at a decreased cost.

Next there’s Yakumo, a two-handed sword wielder who can help you as a front line combatant, increasing the damage you can deal to enemies and also providing you with a shield if you need to back up and heal yourself. His “Lupine Live” ability can also prevent you from being pushed back by an attack when you guard.

Thirdly, there’s Louis, a balanced character who uses his Blade Dance ability to strengthen his combos, allowing you to keep the pressure on an enemy and force them back while dealing out high amounts of damage. His attacks also have the ability to slow down enemies.

The Code Vein partner traits and multiplayer will also be working together in the multiplayer part of the game; when you call for help in an area, a player’s player character will show up to help, while your partner remains there as well. That way, their buffs and abilities can benefit both characters.

We’ll likely get more information on Code Vein partner traits and multiplayer as the game gets closer to release, but for now Code Vein will be releasing on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this year.

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