Code Vein Lord of Thunder Boss Guide

Lord of Thunder is a boss in the third DLC for Code Vein. This guide will discuss how to encounter...

Lord of Thunder is a boss in the third DLC for Code Vein. This guide will discuss how to encounter him and his basic moveset so you can defeat Lord of Thunder with ease in the DLC.

Code Vein Lord of Thunder Boss

First of all, the Lord of Thunder is a giant lion-like creature, with the power of electricity. He features both melee and ranged attacks.

Lord of Thunder has two lock-on points, the body and face. Although more damage can be dealed by hitting him on his face, it is a risky move due to many of his attacks. This however will also stagger him quicker, then by attacking his body.

Lord of Thunder features all AoE attacks, Melee attacks and projectile attacks. He has two phases where in the second, he becomes much more aggressive on his melee and jump attacks.

Following are all the attacks that Lord of Thunder uses:

  • Front Stomp: Lord of Thunder will raise his front legs and stomp on you. Mostly when player is directly infront of him.
  • Wing Slash: Lord of Thunder slashes his either wing across, or both togather, dealing strong damage.
  • Charged Blast: This attack has a long wind up time. Lord of Thunder gathers a massive charge around him and cause a massive blast that deals large damage in it’s range.
  • Lightning Orbs: Lord of Thunder runs around the arena, randomly firing homing electric orbs, which on impact cause a large AoE blast and cause heavy damage if they land.
  • Jump Attacks: This attack has multiple variations. Either Lord of Thunder will jump up high and land down with a massive force. Otherwise, it’ll be a quick jump that follows you unless you dodge at the right time. Another variation, which is common in the second phase, Lord of Thunder jumps up and as he lands, an electric field spreads out dealing damage. These attacks can also be easily punished with a well timed dodge and will stagger Lord of Thunder.
  • Dodge attacks: Lord of Thunder dodges you and jumps back, but throws an energy blast at you while doing so. This attack can be followed by a wing slash, giving players a very small window to dodge out of the way.

Tips and Tricks
Lord of Thunder is a fast boss, so it’s natural for players to be either faster or maintain their stamina well. Most of his attacks have AoE quality to them, and it is a must to dodge out quickly, but the bigger the attack, the bigger the window for players to dish out damage to the beast.


Look out for the colour of his smaller wings and ribbons on his face. When purple, Lord of Thunder uses most of his ranged and energy utilizing attacks. When staggered, they turn blue and Lord of Thunder uses melee attacks until he recharges himself.

Lord of Thunder takes much more damage to his face. But melee attacks are more common when directly infront of him.

Also, it is easier to stagger Lord of Thunder when his face is bashed into, then the body. Both face and body can be locked on to separately, making it easier to target any part

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