Code Vein Companions Locations, Best Companions, Battle Tips

In Code Vein, companions are a special type of NPC, who are open to recruitment as you progress through the game. They will form a party with you to adventure and you can only have one active companion at a time. They can give you very good support and can play a very important role while you fight the bosses or go through difficult enemies.

How to Recruit Code Vein Companions

Code Vein companions can be used as a blood bag, you can suck up to their blood if you need. They can play the role of healing, buffing or for performing a special duo hemorrhage ability. Now with all those perks, they are vulnerable to getting incapacitated and you will have to revive them at checkpoints.

There are some certain presets of orders with the help of those you can indirectly control your companions. To switch partners in the middle of a mission, you need to go to the nearest mistle and teleport back to your home base and then change the partner.

Here are all the companions available in Code Vein, how you can recruit them and where you should find them!

Mia Karnstein

You will meet Mia in the Howling Pit and she will be the third companion in the Code Vein that you will find. As she carries a ranges weapon and she is more focused on staying back and dealing ranged damage, you need to focus more on melee-focused weapons so that you can finish off enemies as she startles them from afar.

When Mia enables her Bloodsucking ability (usually comes into play at the start of a fight), this will increase the drain rating of your weapon temporarily. Now that will enhance your backstab, parry or charge so make good use of that.

  • Blood Code: Artemis
  • You will have her in your team after you defeat Invading Executioner in the Howling Pit.
  • After the battle, return to the home base and she will be available to you.
  • She uses Bayonet Rifle.
  • She has the ability of weapon Drain Rating Up, this will increase the drain rating of weapon attacks.
  • Mia will be most helpful against the fight with Agent Wolf Berserker.


Louis is the first member of the party that you will encounter and first available companion. At the beginning, he will have more power than the main character and a good amount of Ichor as well so he will be able to revive you many times and he is going to be the best companion at the start of the game as you will be learning yourself and making mistakes.

He makes very good use of his sword and deals great damage on bosses especially. Louis does great against boss fights and you will be able to catch your breath during the fight, especially the enemies who deal venom damage, you will need a lot of consumables that Louis will provide you.

  • Blood Code: Prometheus
  • When Oliver Collins leave the party after being attacked in the Network Test, you will find Louis in Area d-12 Ruined City Underground.
  • He has the ability to Revive.
  • He uses One-handed sword as weapon.
  • With the fire storm gift, he can interpret enemy attacks.
  • Has the ability of Drain attack via Orge Blood Veil.
  • Louis will be of the most help against the Butterfly of Delirium Boss.

Oliver Collins

  • In the Network Test, Oliver Collins is going to be the first person to join your team in Area D-12 Ruined City Underground. After you meet Louis he will turn ‘Lost’ and result in fighting him as a boss in the end.
  • He has the ability to revive.
  • He uses Juggernaut Sledgehammer and deal deadly damage with it

Jack Rutherford

  • There is not much information available about her right now, we will update it ASAP.
  • Her blood veil is Hound and she uses a sword.

Yakumo Shinonome

He is the second companion that will be available to you in the game. He is not big on consumables storage and you will have to do that on your own but he is a heavy hitter and can not only deal heavy damage but can also take lots of damage. As he has the ability to guard you against heavy enemy attacks, he can take enemies’ focus very easily and you will have a clear opening to attack.

With him by your side, you need to focus on heavy melee attacks and ranged attacks. He is great with enemies who deal a lot of raw damage and are very quick, Yakumo can absorb a lot of that damage for you and his ability FoulBlood Barrier also come in handy at these situations as he can reduce incoming attack’s damage for him as well as for you.

  • Blood Code: Atlas
  • Right after arriving at the home base, Yakumo will be available to you.
  • In the Network Test, after exploring the Depths: Town of Sacrifice, he will be one of the three available companions.
  • He has the ability to revive.
  • He uses a two-handed sword that can be very useful in staggering enemies and dealing heavy damage.
  • Yakumo will be helpful against the Invading Executioner Boss

Eva Roux

  • Her location will be updated once we find her.
  • She uses the Bayonet Rifle and her Blood veil is Ivy.


  • Her exact location will be updated once we find her.
  • She has the Blood veil Ivy and uses Halberd as a weapon.

We will be updating our Code Vein companions guide soon, keep visiting the page for updates!