Civilization VI Science Victory Guide – Victory Conditions, Tips, Strategy, Best Leaders

Civilization VI Science Victory guide with tips, strategies and victory conditions with best leaders to achieve science victory in Civilization VI.

Civilization VI science guide helps you get a better understanding of this victory type. The guide covers science victory conditions, tips for best results, suitable leaders for science victory and more.

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Civilization VI Science Guide

There are different types of victories in Civilization 6, however, what we will be discussing today is Science. In order to win in such a manner, you need to be the first one to build a colony on Mars, which means you need to focus on space programs in the modern era.

  • Launch a satellite into space – Earth Satellite project
  • Land a human on the moon – Moon Landing project
  • Establish a colony on Mars – Build Reactor, Habitation, and Hydroponics modules

In order to launch a satellite, research Rocketry on the Technology Tree.  Also, create Spaceport district in your cities. From there, work on the Satellite project from the Production Menu. You will also need to land a man on the moon but for that, you first need to Research Satellites on the Technology Tree.

You can start the Launch Moon Landing from any Spaceport in your cities.

You need to do the following to build a colony on Mars

  • Research Nuclear Fusion on the Technology Tree
  • Start the Launch Mars Reactor project from a Spaceport.
  • Research Robotics on the Technology Tree
  • Start the Launch Mars Habitation project from a Spaceport.
  • Research Nanotechnology on the Technology Tree
  • Start the Launch Mars Hydroponics project from a Spaceport.

To win this way you need to be aware of the world around and adapt accordingly. You not only need to keep an eye on your own civilization but keep track of diplomacy, war, religion, and natural resources from other civilizations.

However, the following can help you do better and move toward a science win.

  • Campuses should be prioritized in Districts
  • Do not ignore Culture and Religion
  • Create Scientific Wonder, as many as possible but don’t over do it
  • Start working on science project and put them into production as soon as possible
  • Keep your population happy by focusing on Housing and Amenities
  • Recruit Great Scientists to trigger Eureka moments
  • Get Issac Newton onboard

Suitable Leaders

  • Roman Empire – Trajan
  • Arabia – Saladin
  • England – Queen Victoria
  • Russia – Peter
  • Japan – Hojo Tokimune
  • Germany – Frederic Barbarossa

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