Civilization VI Amenities Guide – Luxuries, The Great People, District Buildings

The following guide will help you understand Civilization VI Amenities and how they work, along with their sources and requirements.

Civilization 6 amenities are really important in making sure your population is happy. Amenities increase the value of properties and include entities that provide different facilities.

The following guide will help you understand amenities from Civilization 6 and how they work, along with their sources.

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Civilization 6 Amenities Guide

First, you need to understand that Civilization 6 gives you +4 Amenities from luxuries. However, if you are playing as the Aztecs, you will instead get +6 from luxuries. all luxuries land you +4 amenities.

You will get +4 amenities for Plantations of Citrus, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Dyes, Incense, Silk, Spices, Sugar, Tea, Tobacco, Wine.

  • Mines also have +4 amenities for Diamonds, Jade, Mercury, Salt, Silver
  • Fishing Boats give you +4 Amenities for Pearls, Whales
  • Camps offer +4 amenities for Furs, Ivory, Truffles
  • Quarries offer +4 amenities for Gypsum, Marble

The Great People


  • Coleus grants +4 amenities and 100+ faith to your Civilization
  • Estee Lauder grants 2x perfume which results in +6 amenities
  • Helena Rubinstein grants 2x perfume which results in +4 amenities
  • Irene of Athens raises your trade route capacity and gives +4 amenities
  • John Spilsbury 1x toys which result in +4 amenities
  • Levi Strauss grants 2x jeans which result in +4 amenities

The Great People not only provide different luxuries but also help boost amenities impact on the cities.


  • Jane Drew grants +3 Amenities and +4 housing for the relevant city
  • Joseph Paxton grants +1 Amenity and +3 tiles
  • John Roebling +1 Amenity and +2 Housing for the relevant city
  • Mimar Sinan grants +1 Amenity and +1 Housing

Districts and District Projects

Street Carnivals replace Entertainment Complex and grant +2 Amenities. You will also unlock a Carnival Projects that offers +1 Amenity. Meanwhile, Bath replaces Aqueduct district and grants +2 Housing and +1 Amenity.

District Buildings

Arena offers +1 amenity to the city and same is the case with the Zoo. Stadium grants +2 Amenities the every city center within 6 tiles.


  • Alhambra grants +2 Amenities
  • Colosseum grants +3 Amenities
  • Estádio de Maracanã grants +2 Amenities
  • Heuy Teocalli grants +1 Amenity


  • River Godess grants +1 Amenity
  • Zen Meditation +1 Amenity

Government & Policies

  • Stadiums grant +1 Amenity
  • New Deal grants +2 Amenities
  • Retainers grant +1 Amenity
  • Liberalism grants +1 Amenity

Keep in mind that the first copy of luxuries will grant +1 Amenity for up to 4 different cities. You have no control over which cities get amenities, the game will grant them to the ones that need the most. It is crucial that you keep your cities happy grant 10% growth increase and a 5% yield increase.

Meanwhile, Ecstatic cities get 20% growth increase and a 10% yield increase. If your cities are unhappy and unrest spreads, rebels will start a civil war.

1 Amenity is required for every 2 Population, it starts 3 population. You need 1 amenity for 3 population.

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