Civilization 6 Modding Power May Make Us “Go Nuts”

The Firaxis team has said that Civilization 6 modding power will make people "go nuts", to help expand the game when it comes out in October.

The Civilization 6 team is very confident in the Civilization 6 modding power that the engine has, enough that they think it’ll make us “go nuts” when the game releases. Mods have been a constant part of many games both by Firaxis and other PC developers, and Civilization hasn’t been immune from it.

Multiple mods made their way through Civilization 5, and will likely continue in Civilzation 6.

Firaxis has always been a mod-friendly studio in anywhere from the Civilization engines to XCOM 2, which came out last year. If Civilization 6 modding powe ris what Firaxis says it is, we’ll likely be able to do more with the game now than ever before, especially since there appears to be a new engine running the game.

Players could be making new Civilizations, new units, and new Wonders that they believe should be a part of the game. There may even be a possibility that someone may import the assets from Civilization: Beyond Earth to use those “civilizations” in regular play.

Let’s see how England, China, Japan, Egypt, and America would deal with technologies from the far future, with mecha, biological weapons, and cyborgs.

Considering how the graphics have changed for the new game, an increase in Civilization 6 modding power will be very good for a lot of people, especially the people that want to mod Civilization 6. Character models for civilization leaders, units, and cities have all been dramatically improved, even over how good Civilization 5 looked.

It hasn’t been confirmed of what all will be in Civilization 6 when it comes out October 21, but hopefully Firaxis will show us a bunch of cool new toys to play as and may even put in various nods to the Civilization 5 DLC packs such as religion, philosophies, and maybe even XCOM troopers like what Brave New World put in as a bonus unit.

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