Cities Skylines Milestones Guide – How to Unlock Buildings, Services, Zoning, Roads

Milestone Progression System is the core of Cities: Skylines. MPS is essentially related to population – each time you hit a population milestone, you unlock new buildings and services.

This entire system has basically made the game’s unlock system a whole lot simpler. In the section below, I have listed all the Milestones as well as unlockable buildings, services and features.

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Cities Skylines Milestones

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Little Hamlet
Population Milestone: 500 citizens

The Little Hamlet unlocks Elementary School, Medical Clinic, and Landfill Site as buildings. As for services, you will gain access to taxes, loans, garbage, healthcare, and education.

Worthy Village
Population Milestone: 1,000 citizens

When we talk about buildings, the Worthy Village allows you to unlock Police Station and Fire House.

As for services and features, you gain access to 2km x 2km area, Districts, Policies, Second Loan, Industry Specializations, Services Policies, Fire Department, Police Department, Unique Buildings, Forestry Specialization, and Agriculture Specialization.

Tiny Town
Population Milestone: 1,500 citizens

With Tiny Town, you unlock High School as a building and Decoration, Level 2 Unique Buildings, Pet Ban, Smoking Ban, Parks, Recreation services and features.

Boom Town
Population Milestone: 2,600 citizens

Boom Town allows you to unlock buildings such as Bus Depot, Advanced Wind, Turbine, and Cemetery. As for services and features, you unlock 2km x 2km area, Transport, Level 3 Unique Buildings, Bus, Recycle, Recreational Use, and Ore Industry Specialization.

Busy Town
Population Milestone: 5,500 citizens

There are no buildings that are unlocked using the Busy Town, but when we talk about services and features, you gain access to City Planning Policies, Level 4 Unique Buildings, Free Public Transport, Heavy Traffic Ban, and Oil Industry Specialization.

Big Town
Population Milestone: 7,500 citizens

With Big Town, buildings such as Metro Station, University, and Incineration Plant are unlocked.

As for services and features, you gain access to 2km x 2km area, Taxation Policies, Level 5 Unique Buildings, Metro, Education Boost, Tax Raise, Tax Relief, High Density Residential Zone, High Density Commercial Zone, and Office Zone.

Small City
Population Milestone: 11,000 citizens

Train Station, Cargo Train Terminal, and Hydro Power Plant are automatically unlocked when you hit Small City milestone.

As for services and features, you will unlock Level 6 Unique Buildings, Train, Small Business Enthusiast, Big Business Benefactor, Industrial Space Planning, High Tech Housing, and Highrise Ban.

Grand City
Population Milestone: 20,000 citizens

With Grand City milestone, you will unlock Harbor, Cargo Harbor, and Third Lone.

Capital City
Population Milestone: 32,000 citizens

With Capital City milestone, you will unlock Nuclear Power Plant and 2km x 2km area and Ship.

Colossal City
Population Milestone: 44,000 citizens

When we talk about Colossal City, you will gain access to Nuclear Power Plant and 2km x 2km area.

Population Milestone: 65,000 citizens

When you hit the Metropolis milestone, you will unlock airport, airplanes, and 2km x 2km area.

Population Milestone: 80,000 citizens

There is not any building which is unlocked for hitting Megapolis milestone, but you will gain access to 2km x 2km area and monuments.

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