How To Build Pedestrian Overpass In Cities: Skylines 2

Build Overpasses and add to the beauty of your city along with other benefits.

In Cities Skylines 2, the Pedestrian Overpass allows citizens to cross the road without interrupting traffic flow. To build a Pedestrian path, you must achieve the Tiny Town milestone. You can do this by getting to a population of around 360-1600. Once you do, you will automatically unlock Pavement Paths to build Overpasses.

How to Place the Pedestrian Path in Cities Skylines 2

The Pedestrian Path, among other complementary road tools, will be in the third tab of the ‘Landscaping Tools’ section. Make your way there and select the relevant Overpass you want to build. What makes these great is that these overpasses exclusively cater for Pedestrians, unlike Pedestrian roads.

You also have the luxury of a few options, such as the Covered Pedestrian Bridge, Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Bridge, etc. Remember that you cannot build Pedestrian overpasses across roundabouts, intersections, or dead ends in Cities Skylines 2.

Another note is that Pedestrian Paths and Ramps that connect to the Overpass need to connect to a sidewalk. They can’t connect to roads directly. However, as a workaround, most roads, even those which explicitly state not having a sidewalk, do come with a sidewalk extension. This allows you to connect to a Pedestrian Path without worry.

How to build a Pedestrian Overpass

You’ll first want to select the relevant Pavement Path, such as “Covered Pedestrian Bridge.” That will act as the backbone of your Overpass in Cities Skylines 2. After you place these pillars appropriately, left-click the ends of these pillars while your pavement path is selected to build new ramps that connect both sides of the Overpass to the sideway.

Remember that in Cities Skylines 2, you can alter the height of the Overpass and the Pavement Path’s height too. This is where the importance of adequately placing the supporting pillars becomes apparent. You can run into collision issues with underlying traffic if you set them too low.


Building the main Overpass Bridge before and adding the extensions afterwards can remedy this potential issue. Using Pedestrian Path options helps to take a significant load of pressure off the main roads since they encourage travel by foot.

This also lowers the total amount of vehicles in the city at any given time. It also opens new possibilities for road network design. You can use these Overpasses to connect two opposite ends of a two-way road and enable more extensive commute options in a simple and accessible manner.

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