How To Create A Park Area In Cities Skylines 2 

A park area is an outdoor recreational area in Cities Skylines 2 where citizens can relax and have fun. Here is how to make them.

In Cities Skylines 2, you will need to construct a park area of your own choice manually. Parks can be created to attract people to your city and fulfill their entertainment needs.

We are all familiar with the idea of parks, what they are, and what purpose they fulfill in our society. A part has some vegetation, i.e., trees, bushes, grass, etc, gates, jogging/walking tracks, outdoor gym, and swings. Adding these, you can create a park area in Cities Skylines 2.

Clean up

Initially, your map will be filled with random trees and bushes. An initial clean-up is recommended as it can give you a better visualization. This will give you an idea of what your park should consist of and other necessities such as map placement, etc. The basic vegetation is cheap, so you don’t need to worry about keeping at least some of the original trees as is. 


Outlining will be the most important part of the process. This will determine your park’s shape, its orientation, and, most importantly, what services it can offer. A park can be of any shape you desire. There is no rule keeping you from building a pentagon-shaped park. What we suggest keeping in view, however, is the placement of the tracks.

Most people will be coming on walks in your park, and they will be quite disappointed to see an irregular path. For this purpose, we recommend that you keep two tracks: a main jogging/walking track and a track that connects to the vital areas of the park. 

Building the Park

Choose a flat terrain so your park area can be in the city’s heart in Cities Skylines 2. The ease of access will bring about more people than usual. We recommend opting for a circle-shaped park that can be a roundabout on the outside. Keep the jogging track next to the boundary wall to maximize the jogging track.

Next up, place some tracks through which people can roam around in your little green paradise. Now for the vegetation part. If there is no grass, spam the park first, as grass is the most basic ingredient.

The presence of tracks will make it easier for you to decide where you want your trees. The important thing to remember here is that you can choose different trees depending on the architectural style you are going with.

Initially, at the time of planting, your trees and bushes will be significantly small in size. They will eventually grow out to their respective lengths after a good amount of time has passed in-game. 

If you’re having difficulty planting trees one by one and you want the layout to be random, you can use the Place Multiple Tool. This tool acts like a brush tool and offers customizability in the concentration of vegetation and the brush size. 

Final Touches

The final step will be to add a gate. This step will determine what sort of park you have created, as adding a gate can change your park accordingly. If you choose to go for an amusement park gate, your park will be perceived as a gate, and you will need to build your park accordingly. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also fence off your park and use side gates to increase accessibility for people. 

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