Former AMD Senior Director “Chris Hook” Joins Intel To Drive “Marketing Strategy” For Intel’s Discrete GPUs

Intel has been pulling in the talent from AMD, first, it was Raja Koduri then recently Intel got Jim Keller to join the company and now former AMD Senior Director for global product marketing, Chris Hook, has joined Intel.

This news comes just a few weeks later following Chris Hook leaving AMD. For 17 years, Hook worked at AMD as the Senior Director for global product marketing and was one of the most experienced personnel for AMD.

As for Hook’s role at Intel, he revealed that he will be “driving the marketing strategy for visual technologies and upcoming discrete graphics products.”

It will be interesting to see what Intel will bring to the discrete GPU market, however, it is unknown if these GPUs will be aimed at the gaming sector or not.

Speaking of AMD, AMD And Nvidia AIB partners expect that the GPU shipments will plunge by 40%  due to lowering values of crypto-currencies which will probably case a flood of second-hand GPUs in the market.

However, AMD doesn’t see these mining GPUs as a significant risk. This is according to AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, who noted during the company’s earnings call that second-hand mining GPUs won’t be much of a problem as they flood in the market.

The company also revealed that AMD Ryzen makes up 60% of the total revenue for the first quarter of its current fiscal year.

Also, with the launch of 2nd gen AMD Ryzen chips, some are having trouble to run their Ryzen CPUs on AM4 chipsets as a BIOS update is required to use these chips on older boards.

While the Ryzen 2000 CPUs and APUs have just launched in the market but AMD has confirmed that it is already working on Zen 5 Micro-Architecture. According to lead Zen architect Mike Clark, he is working on Zen 5 mico-architecture.

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