How To Increase Inventory Size In The Callisto Protocol

If you are struggling to store items, allow us to explain how the inventory capacity can be increased in The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol is the latest horror survival game and a spiritual successor to the widely acclaimed Dead Space. While fighting with countless enemies, the need to carry surplus ammo and health rises. Unfortunately, the inventory capacity in The Callisto Protocol is extremely limited, at least at the start.

If you are struggling to store more items in your pockets, allow us to explain how the inventory capacity can be increased in The Callisto Protocol.

How to increase inventory space 

The game’s story is about the trapped protagonist Jacob Lee fighting with infectious parasites in the Black Iron prison. You need a lot of ammo to fight parasites since these enemies don’t go down easy.

Initially, only six slots are available in the inventory space, allowing only a limited number of items to be carried. Managing your inventory space is the biggest task to achieve in the game.

Thankfully, the inventory space can be increased, although not at will, and comes as part of the story progression. There are a total of 8 Chapters in The Callisto Protocol. To increase the inventory space, you must reach Chapter 5 – Lost.

At the beginning of the chapter, Jacob Lee, the protagonist will, meets a character name Elias Porter. He will introduce you to the Survival Suit. This suit will automatically improve your health and inventory size.

Wearing the suit is part of the story, and you cannot obtain it earlier.

This suit will result in doubling the inventory space size, increasing it from 6 to 12 slots. This is the only upgrade for the inventory size in The Callisto Protocol.

As the inventory space is now increased to 12 slots, it’s much easier for players to manage inventory space. They have to put lesser thinking over what necessary items they should keep in the inventory.

How to manage inventory space

Managing inventory space properly requires players to have a foolproof knowledge of what item in Callisto occupies how much inventory space. Players should properly plan things to be kept according to what fights they will encounter, etc.

We recommend players keep selling useless items as this will get them credits. Items, including CPU Printers, and Decoders have nothing much to do with the game, so it’s better to sell them and get credit each time you reach the Printer station.

Players should never through the junk away to make space in inventory space. Instead, they should sell it as it will get them credits which they can soon use to buy valuable weapons.

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