Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies Verruckt Map Strategy Guide

Call of Duty:World at War Nazi Zombies Verruckt Map strategy guide to ace the map solo and reach high rounds as far as possible.

Zombies are back! They are faster and angrier than before so what should you do? Well this guide tells you what and guides you in your quest against the undead Nazis in Verruckt map of Call of Duty: World at War.

Keeping in mind that knowing your enemy is 50% of the battle so lets get down to business.

Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies Verruckt Map Strategy

Verruckt in German means Crazy or Insane and that means you are going to face some crazy ass zombies this time in call of duty world at war. Follow this strategy guide to make your way through these zombies.

Whats New?

New to Verruckt are Perk-o-Cola Machines, Electro Shock Defenses, and a Cute teddy bear which will make your life more miserable.

Perk-o-Cola Machines are the mysterious machines which give you drinks like any cola and these drinks become your perks by use of the force amazing isn’t it?.
Perks include famous Juggernaut, Double Tap, Sleight of Hand and Quick Revive.

Using these Perks effectively can give you few more life hours but here is a thing you can use multiple perks at the same time so no worries your hacks will work here too and one more thing these perks will stay with you until you die.

Electro Shock Defenses help you survive a bit  more but they need to activated before they can do anything for you.

Cute Teddy Bear is your worst nightmare haha this teddy bear can  fuck your whole game just like that. You might wanna ask wtf he  really does ? ahh  that my friend is when it appears your helping hand mysterious box where you get new weapons and change the previous one will disappear huh Harsh na ? Well it will respawn somewhere else and the worst part is you have to find it again by yourself.

Among other things Treyarch has introduced in this map are the upgraded Zombies and more Animated Actions. Introduction of the really scary scenarios like the voice of the little girl it really scares the shit out of you, forget if she laughs or cries in both cases you will be sweaty.

Upgraded Zombies, well zombies are not pussy’s anymore they are real angry whores now 😛 and they can grab you through barricades,windows it may sound gay but its more fun and btw they jump also so watch yourself out there. Pick ups are now animated when you pick up some double kill etc a cute voice tells you what you picked up and instead of ugly timer the pick up icon flashes when the respective pick up is going to disappear.

Plot / Setting

You are going to spawn in asylum based on a multiplayer map and with a team of 4 taken in consideration two of you take the right of the middle door and two will take left.

You will have to work your way to electricity room to reunite with your team and activate the electro shock defenses and perk-o-Cola Machines. The best here is the electricity room also houses the Mystery Box at least until you see the really Cute teddy bear.

Verruckt Map Guide

I don’t have  enough Info on that as I haven’t really gone through all of them but I will give more details on that once I have done my homework for now here is all I know.

Asylum has many rooms all of them can be unlocked with points ranging from 750-1000 some are locked with doors and some with debris.

In the beginning the team will be divided into two halves one will spawn on the left side and the other on right side with the middle door separating the team.

Lets start with the room on right side it has 3 windows, 3 doors. On the wall of room you can find Springfield for 200 points and M1 Grand for 600 points this room is good till 3-4 rounds. Once you have enough points open the room next to Perk-o-Cola Machine, The Second Room on Right Side.

Right room 2 has 2 windows, a cave and a staircase to upstairs.  One the Wall of the room you can find Double barreled shotgun , Steilhandgrenades for 250 points and Thompson for 1000 points.

This room is OK till you have Thompson at your disposal and enough bullets in it, once you are fully loaded you can open the upper staircase.

Here there are 2 windows, a cave, a staircase to downstairs and a door to the next room. On the walls of this room you can find Trench gun for1200 points, a Bar , and Bouncing Bettys for 1000 points but its one time shot, You can only have it once. Most of the ugly Zombies just like the old map come up the stairs in this room so its always good to have someone defending the stairs.

For more in depth view of the map, some good guy from cod4forums have created this map guide image which will guide you through all these locations nice and easy. Clear description of every place has been provided on this image so consult this one to figure out your strategy for Nazi Zombies Verrukt map.
Click the image link to see full sized HD version of it.

Verruckt Strategy Guide

People on the right side save points  and open the doors to the electricity room, people on the left side camp/hold your position. When needed they can open the couch on the stairs but must not open the room to the hallway next to the electricity room. Once the electricity is one everyone go to the right side getting perks along the way. Go the kitchen and defend it until round 8-10.

During this time everyone must try to get good weapons, the ray gun, M1919s, MG42’s, while you are defending try your best to conserve ammo as much as you can for later. Everyone should get speed cola perk and another wild option is to get the teddy bear and move the box to the left.

Once you begin to have problems defending this spot, everyone move to the left side on the balcony and buy Betty’s but don’t open the door. Then one player should start defending the windows, and in later another player may be required for the job.

HINT: To stop the zombies getting in,hold the square button down while shooting to rebuild the barrier, move back when they try to attack you.

NOTE:If zombies get through the windows,it will be problematic for you so it’s best to have a skillful person defending the windows having a good weapon.

The other people should stand in the hallway with the double tap perk, that will enable you kill zombies nice and easy as they will coming in straight line. Place some more betty’s during rounds just in case to be at the safe end.

NOTE:You might want to get all the perks because this will increase your health as well as your ability to survive longer.
If you find yourself out of luck, out of ammo Mp40, and double barreled shotgun might work for you but you need all the perks for these weapons to be effective and above all they are the easiest means of getting the ammo.

Strategy #2
Alternative to this strategy is to get the box in the room in the hallway with the Trench gun as your companion as you can always get to it and can use it through the window on the balcony.

Also rather then standing on the perk machine, stand on the balcony.You must stay forward to the door near the window. All the zombies will come through that door and you can take them out by yourself or using the electric shock defenses when they are available.

This will be make you pass at least round 25-30 if you follow the instructions and coordinate well among yourself.

Strategy #3
Instead of standing outside the balcony, stand near the door at the bottom hugging the wall, this way all the zombies come in a straight line make it easy for you to finish them while using electric shock defenses when needed.

The Kitchen
The people on the left will be able to make 2000-3000 points in the first 4-5 rounds, they then unlock all the doors to the electricity room. The other two people should get juggernaut perk. Bouncing Betty are useful. Everyone then gets a random weapon, the best suggested by our friends are Ray Gun, M1919’s, MG42’s, and PpSh.

Once one or two players have any of these weapons then you should open the door to the kitchen and also the door to the small room with speed cola in it. Don’t worry about window in there nothing comes through. Two players should defend the door, occasionally switching to reload or when low on ammo. The other two should defend the window occasionally helping the two defending the door when needed that is. Once every one of you have got enough points buy speed cola perk from the machine.

If any of you has got a bouncing Betty place it in that small room creating a defense line for emergency in case needed others can take cover behind it,you can kill the zombies from there and  it will provide you with enough time to reload etc. This can also work for two people one defending the door and other defending the window.

Community Contributed Strategies

1. I managed to get to level 20 with 3 other guys that seemed pretty switched on. As long as you can collectively get heavy machine guns and ray guns you should get far: the key is staying on the porch/balcony closest to the electric room. You take turns turning the electric barrier on. Two guys at each end of the porch – you have to protect the barrier at the top of the stairs but that is easy once the electricity is on because you can focus on it. Take turns switching electricity on – at the later levels with the amount of kills you will be fine for points, its just fending the zombies off when you have to wait to turn the barrier back on that is the problem….cheeto1234

2. I just sit in the electric generator room with all 4 perks and 3 other guys with goodish weapons and all with bouncing bettys. [one time only] actually means you only need to buy it once. you get two when the next round starts. all 4 of us stay in the electric room and put our bb’s on the stairs going down to the ‘cellar’ window. when a zombie runs up it blows up the betty and we know that more could come so one of us goes down to watch the window and build up barriers etc etc. i did that on my own with a ppsh and a raygun and juggernaut. i got to round 11/12 cant remember. Jimbad

3. Best way i have found is to start on the side with the m1(right side). work your way up to the box(power room) staying up there till you get good weapons, that is if you don’t get the damn teddy bear, till about level 10. after level 10 it gets a little hard to defend, then you need to make your way around to the other side of the power room, not opening the door, but going all the way around getting all the perks you can, you should already have speed cola that comes after you turn the power on and before you get the box(that’s how i do it). saying that u got a ray gun and a browning or mg42 you hold up on the left side of the power room with the door shut. being in this spot will give a straight line of zombies and one window to guard. got to level 24 with 2 this way, would be cake work with 4! arver2oo4.

4.What me and a friend do is start out on the side with the m1 and stay there until round 6 then go up the steps to the power room turn power on get quick reload and a  shot gun it is very good at high levels and stay on the balcony until we get just enuf points to get all the perks and then make our way to the outher side to the long hall way with the double tap perk one watches the steps with a mp40 and one watches the window behind the shock barriers and place all bouncing bettys in the small room at the end of the hall way as a last resort (there’s a glitch in the corner of the double tap machine u haft to run jump and crouch just like the other ones on the old zombie map but i cant seem to get it wright)we got to level 28 but with 4 people it should be a cake. Brian

5.The people on the left room should go to the electricity room as fast as they can, while other team is defending the room they start in with M1 grands, once the electricity is on, team 2 should quickly go to the electricity room taking quick revive and juggernog on their way. Then all the players should defend the electricity room taking good care of the stairs.If you get crowded you can open the room to the kitchen and camp there. It can be successful from 11-15 level.

6.The people on the left should get to the electricity room as quickly as possible then have other players join them and get the best weapons possible before teddy bear appears.Then open the door to the kitchen, open the door to the small room then to the room with staircase in the middle. Then go to the balcony with electro shock defenses and keep them on constantly while defending the doors and windows.

7.The people on the M1 Grand side should stay in the room until they get 4000 point then rush to electricity room. Then get the best possible weapons from the box and one player defend the stairs in the room while other defends the door. Cover each other and switch positions when needed.

How to get 4 Multiple Weapons

U need a bouncing Betty, enuff money 4 a perk and enuff money to go to the box. Stand in front of a perk machine with 1 bouncing betty in ur hand. If U have 2 betty’s get rid of 1.

1. Plant betty in front of perk machine.
2. As soon as betty is planted hit [X] to buy perk.
3. After you drink perk cola you will see that there is no weapon in ur hand. This is the space U need for the 3rd weapon.
4. Buy weapon.
5. Repeat 4 each perk until you are maxed out of perks.
6. If you want more weapons blow yourself up w/ a grenade and have a buddy revive you.
7. U will loose ur perks but not ur weapons.
8. Repeat steps 1 thru 4 until u have all weapons.    CantAim4Sheet

Weapons Guide

Weapons on walls are important till you get your hands on mystery box and will remain important now due the alarming threat posed by cute teddy bear.

Which guns to Avoid?: All bolt Action rifles scoped or not doesn’t matter.

Good to Use
Double Barrel Shotguns:are good to use until 5-6 rounds after that their slow reload makes them useless.
Trench Gun: is a also a good to use gun in initial rounds but its slow reload and fire rate slows you down too much.
SMG’s: are better and should be used as a backup in final rounds.
Assault Rifles: can be used effectively but not much.

Great Guns: All Heavy Machine Guns, Magnum: One hit kill, and 2-3 at distance but its slow reload and 6 shot max are few things which hold it back. Flamethrower: is great weapon in hand until 6-8 rounds and becomes a lethal weapon during insta kill rounds but in later stages sometime it gets annoying zombies will attack you even when they are in fire.

Zombie Busters: Browning M1919: 2 shots and Zombie down and The Mighty Ray Gun : One shot above the waist and Zombie Fried but it is only available through mystery box sad part isn’t it?.Your Best chance of survival depends on how many members of your team have Kick ass or Zombie Busting Guns it all depends on luck baby.You will have to cheat death in this call of duty mode, download this mode and go enjoy the zombie nights.

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