Call of Duty WW2 Mementos Locations Guide

There is a total of 33 Mementos Collectibles that can be found across the Call of Duty WW2 campaign. Collecting all of these will unlock the Pieces of History Achievement and they can be collected using the mission select. There are 3 Mementos per mission and this Call of Duty WW2 Mementos Locations Guide will help you find all of them.

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Call of Duty WW2 Mementos Locations Guide

Mission 1 Mementos Locations

Nazi Knife

Objective: Ascend the Bluffs
Breach the seawall and move through the trenches. Towards the end of the trenches, you will find the knife towards the sandbags near the turret bunker. It has a golden spark about it so you can easily locate it.


Objective: Clear the Bunkers
Clear the third bunker and then backtrack a little bit. Head left before entering the fourth bunker and head through the previously closed green door. Inside you will find the collectible.

Pathfinder Patch

Objective: Destroy the Artillery
Destroy the artillery and check the barn behind it to find the collectible.

Mission 2 Mementos Locations


Objective: Get on the Tank
Turn to the right at the start of the mission. Find the collectible on the barrels behind the two soldiers near the transport truck.

Pocket Watch

Objective: Reach the AA Gun
Check the left side of the AA Gun. In the wooden hut, you can find the collectible near the haystacks.

Gas Mask

Objective: Push forward with your Armor
Follow the tanks to the bunker. You will find the gas mask on a corpse on the right side of the bunker.

Mission 3 Mementos Locations


Objective: Take the Church
Go upstairs in the house at the start of the mission. You have to walk to the ledge facing the kid’s bedroom and walk along the left side. There will be a necklace on a mirror on the other side.

SS Pin

Objective: Clear the Church
Clear the enemies in the church and check the wall towards the right of the ammo crate. The collectible will be in an alcove.

Fuel Canister

Objective: Defend the area
When defending the church, there will be a big fuel canister near the enemies. That is the collectible.

Mission 4 Mementos Locations

White Rose Poster

Objective: Stop the Train
Find it outside the first house of the mission, towards the left.

Dog Collar

Objective: Stop the Train
Go to the next house after the previous memento. Go to the end and look to the left.

Rocket Blueprint

Objective: Rally with your Squad
Go to the burning wreckage of the train. Move through it until you land on a grassy area. Move to the right of the hill you see up front. The collectible will be inside a box.

Mission 5

Propaganda Poster

Objective: Search for Officer Fisher
Go through passport control, now move right and get to the toilets. The poster will be on a restroom.

Liquor Bottle

Objective: Place Explosives on the North Gate
After you place the explosive on the northern gate, head through the door on your right side after picking the lock. The collectible is upstairs.

German Medal

Objective: Assault the Garrison
After you place the bombs in the courtyard. Kill the enemies and you will have to cross a bridge. The collectible will be on a box after the bridge.

Mission 6

Music Sheet

Objective: Reach the Hotel
After you are on the narrow street post the tank drive. Go left after the first corner and you will find it on a cupboard.

Cigarette Bo

Objective: Reach the Hotel
After the heroic action in the living room, you have to walk through the right hole and then upstairs. Turn around and you will be able to see the collectible.

Hotel Pen

Objective: Reach the Hotel
Go outside after finding the previous memento and push the truck. Now blow up the hotel wall and go to the first room to find the collectible. It will be under a desk.

Mission 7

German Flare Gun

Objective: Eliminate the Mortar Team
Defend the bridge, you will come to an area with the trucks. The memento is behind the truck on the right.

Food Container

Objective: Find your Squad
It is found inside the crashed airplane, right behind the dead pilot.

US Army Rations

Objective: Eliminate the Sniper
After you kill the sniper, turn around and find the rusty platform towards the left of the stairs. The collectible will be on a chair.


Objective: Capture the Hill
Escort the engineer and let him blow the bunker. Now look for a tree stump in the middle of the hill area and get the paper next to it.


Objective: Destroy the Artillery
Memento is towards the right of the first artillery that you destroy.

Bill Fold

Objective: Clear the Area
After taking care of the first artillery you will proceed to the next bunker. From there, you need to follow the trench to the left and stick to the left side of this location until you spot the Bill Fold. It is on the ledge of a bunker opening

Mission 9 Mementos Locations


Objective: Deliver the Ammo Box
Turn right at the start and find the camera next to the soldiers.

Comic Book

Objective: Deliver the Ammo Box
It is to the right of the ammo box and looks like a magazine.

US Wings Medal

Objective: Hold the Line
After you are defending yourself post plane flying, you will find the collectible behind the tent on the small hill.

Mission 10


Objective: Reach the Overwatch Position
After going through the hole, go to the second building to the right of the fence. You will find the memento on a box there.

Silver Flask

Objective: Reach the Tower
After defending Pierson, go to the roof and find the collectible on the red building right in front of you. It will be near the beds.

German Wings Medal

Objective: Provide Overwatch to Pierson
The waypoints will lead you to a tower after the last memento. You will find the box to your right on the ground floor of the tower.

Mission 11 Mementos Locations


Objective: Secure the first tower
It is in the first floor of the tower. It is in the middle of the room with the dying enemy.

German Canteen, Beer Stein

Objective: Secure the second tower
These two mementos are in the same location. At the top of the second tower.

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