Call Of Duty: WW2 All Memento Locations

Gather the belongings of the fallen.

Mementos are a type of collectibles that you can find scattered across the campaign missions of Call of Duty: WW2. They are the personal belongings of soldiers and civilians affected by the war.

There are three Mementos in every mission, making a total of 33 collectibles to find across the 11 missions. Here are their locations, and how you can get them.


Collecting all Mementos in COD WW2 unlocks the Pieces of History achievement.

Mission #1: D-Day Mementos

Nazi Knife

Objective: Ascend the Bluffs
Breach the seawall and move through the trenches. Towards the end of the trenches, you will find the collectible stuck on a ledge near the sandbags in the last bunker. It has a golden spark about it so you can easily locate it.


Objective: Clear the Bunkers
Clear the third bunker and then backtrack a little bit. Head left before the stairs leading into the fourth bunker and head through the previously closed green door. The compass is placed on a small desk in the corner of this room. 

Pathfinder Patch

Objective: Destroy the Artillery
First, clear the area in front of the house and get rid of the machine gunner. When done, check the barn in the left corner next to the haystacks and you will find the WW2 collectible on a corner table within.

Mission #2: Operation Cobra Mementos


Objective: Get on the Tank
Turn to the right at the start of the mission – before you get into the tank. You will find the collectible on one of the blue barrels behind the two soldiers near the transport truck. More specifically, the barrels are right beside the tree behind the truck.

Pocket Watch

Objective: Reach the AA Gun
Just as you get out of the forest on your way to the AA Gun, look to your left and find a small shack. This will be at the far end of the broken cart. The Memento is on the table right ahead of the door.

Gas Mask

Objective: Push forward with your Armor
Wait for the tank to blow up and open the path ahead for your objective. Before you move on though, notice that the tank has also opened up the entrance to the bunker to the right of the path. The Memento is located on a dead body inside this bunker.

Mission #3: Stronghold Mementos


Objective: Take the Church
Go upstairs in the big house just across the street at the start of the mission. As you get to the second floor, make your way to the back of the house and look for what used to be the bathroom – this is a broken, white-walled room with a painting hanging at the back. 

Slowly make your way to the edge, just next to the wall, and look to your left. You will be able to acquire the collectible from a mirror here. 

SS Pin

Objective: Clear the Church
Clear the enemies inside the church and make your way into the small room to the right of the ammo box. The floor in this room is sunken, and you find the collectible here – in an alcove below the doorframe.

Fuel Canister

Objective: Defend the area
Right as you start the objective, head down the slop ahead of you and onto the broken wooden platform to the right. The Fuel Canister is located on the ground here.

Mission #4: S.O.E Mementos

White Rose Poster

Objective: Stop the Train
Whilst in the house during the objective, head out towards the back from the door on the right side of the house. When outside, take a left and approach the white door ahead of a truck. The White Rose Poster is sitting inside a red pot beside this door.

Dog Collar

Objective: Stop the Train
Go to the next house after the previous memento. Enter the house from the door on the left and then into the room right ahead of you. The collectible is sitting on a table in the left corner of this room.


This house is heavily guarded, so we recommend being cautious while you look for this Memento.

Rocket Blueprint

Objective: Rally with your Squad
After destroying the train, get to the area on the other side of the train and take the path leading down. Duck under the wreckage blocking your path and reach the plain area ahead. Go around the crates/boxes to your right and you will find the collectible on one of the boxes in the corner.

Mission #5: Liberation Mementos

Propaganda Poster

Objective: Search for Officer Fisher
Go through passport control and make your way to the back end of the main hall. When you see a compass symbol on the ground, take a right and go through the first door to enter the restroom. The poster will be in the third stall, next to the toilet.

Liquor Bottle

Objective: Place Explosives on the North Gate
Leave the building through the balcony on the upper floor and jump onto the ledge to your right. Continue moving left and get in through the window through which you can see a snooker table. 

Go through the room to your left, down the stairs, and into the room to your right. Pick the lock on the door right ahead of you and then go up the stairs to your right in this new area. Enter the room right in front of you on this floor and collect another Memento for your Call of Duty: WW2 achievement from the table on the right side of it. 


This area is heavily guarded and is covered in stealth mode – so make sure not to get spotted.

German Medal

Objective: Assault the Garrison
After you place the bombs in the courtyard, kill the enemies and clear the road to the Garrison. The collectible will be a little ahead of you – on a box located in an open area after the bridge.

Mission #6: Collateral Damage Mementos

Music Sheet

Objective: Reach the Hotel
After you are on the narrow street post the tank drive, you will find the collectible on a piano. This is next to the nearest white car as you make your first left through the street following the objective.

Cigarette Box

Objective: Reach the Hotel
After the heroic action in the living room, you have to walk through the hole to the right and then straight ahead, reaching the upper floor via the ramp. 

Turn around and make your way to the opposite end of the area. Jump across the gap and you will find another one of the WW2 Mementos on the mantle of the fireplace in the room ahead.

Hotel Pen

Objective: Reach the Hotel
Go outside after finding the previous memento and push the truck. Now blow up the hotel wall to your right and go then into the first room on your right. You will find the collectible under the desk at the far end of the room. 

Mission #7: Death Factory Mementos

German Flare Gun

Objective: Eliminate the Mortar Team
As you make your way down the path in the forest, you will come across an open area with two trucks. The memento is behind the truck on the right, resting on a couple of crates.

Food Container

Objective: Find your Squad
As you make your way down the path in the forest after finding the dead pilot, you will be attacked by a dog. Right in this area, there will be a crashed airplane to your left. The Memento is in the cockpit of this jet.

US Army Rations

Objective: Eliminate the Sniper
After you kill the sniper, You will have to make your way forward through the buildings. After opening the second door, get to the upper level via the stairs in front of you and kill the guy who ambushes you in the room ahead. 

Then, jump onto the beam next to the stairs and you will find the collectible on a chair at the rear end of it. 

Mission #8: Hill 493 Mementos


Objective: Capture the Hill
While escorting the engineer up the hill look for a tree stump in the middle of the hill area and you will find the WW2 Memento next to it. 

Check the ground next to the soldier. Many players tend to walk right past this memento.


We recommend clearing out the bunker first as there are a lot of enemies in the area.


Objective: Destroy the Artillery
The Memento is in a small ammunition section under the sacks to the right of the first Artillery you are set to destroy.

Bill Fold

Objective: Clear the Area
After taking care of the first artillery you will proceed to the next bunker. From there, you need to follow the trench to the left and stick to the left side of this location until you spot the Bill Fold. You will find the WW2 Memento collectible on the edge of the small window of an inaccessible, underground bunker. 

Mission #9: Battle of the Bulge Mementos


Objective: Deliver the Ammo Box
Turn right at the start and find the camera next to the soldiers. It’s resting on a boulder right behind the soldiers.

Comic Book

Objective: Deliver the Ammo Box
When you reach the location where you’re supposed to deliver the ammo box, take a few steps back and look for the comic book on the ground, just to the right side of the lookout point.

US Wings Medal

Objective: Hold the Line
After you are defending yourself post-plane flying and need to get to the radio, look for a small tent covered by a green tarp. There is a small box on the left side of it, containing the Memento.

Mission #10: Ambush Mementos


Objective: Reach the Overwatch Position
After going through the hole, go to the second building on your right-hand side. You will find the Memento resting on a box right ahead of the entrance to it.


This is a stealth area, so make sure not to get spotted.

Silver Flask

Objective: Reach the Tower
After defending Pierson and heading into the next area, take a left through the fence gates and enter the first red building to your right. The collectible is located on a table next to the bunk beds at the far end of the building. 

German Wings Medal

Objective: Provide Overwatch to Pierson
The waypoints will lead you to a tower after the last Memento. This tower is just ahead of the building in the preceding Memento located and has a Swastika/Nazi flag hanging from it. You will find the box to your right as soon as you enter the tower.

Mission #11: The Rhine Mementos

German Canteen

Objective: Secure the Tower
At the start of the objective, head into the tower on your right and take the stairs to the second floor. You will see the collectible resting on a box in the center of the floor.

Beer Stein

Objective: Secure the Tower
After crossing the bridge, head into the tower on your left and take the stairs to the first floor. You will find one of the last Call of Duty: WW2 Mementos on a table next to the stairs leading up.


Objective: Secure the Tower
Within the same tower as the previous Memento, head to the top floor and look for a turret. The Letter is to the left of the turret, lying on a small box.

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