Possible New Call of Duty Game Leaked, Call of Duty: People’s Army

More possible evidence of a Call of Duty game set in Vietnam has come up in the form of a menu screen for Call of Duty: People's Army.

A video has recently been posted on several YouTube accounts showing off the main menu of a possible new Call of Duty game, called Call of Duty: People’s Army. However, there is the possibility of the game being fake, since Infinite Warfare only came out a few months ago.

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Back in 2014, some information and concept art was released that talked about how Sledgehammer Studios had once been working on a Call of Duty game set in Vietnam, but no other information has appeared since then. However, the possibility of a Vietnam Call of Duty game is something that hasn’t really been explored well.

The Vietnam War first appeared in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops, where the player’s main character of Mason went to Vietnam for a short time to hunt down one of the game’s antagonists, Dragovich.

That portion of the game took players through the Siege of Khe Sanh, the Tet Offensive, and a number of other missions that included you driving boats and helicopters and playing Russian Roulette in a Vietcong hideout after being captured.

Since Black Ops, Vietnam hasn’t appeared in a Call of Duty game, so a Vietnam-based game like Call of Duty: People’s Army might be something that could bring the war into more focus. However, with the large amount of controversy that the war still garners today (alongside the Iraq War), there’s no guarantee that a game like it is actually on the way.

Not to mention, games are fairly easy to fake. With Photoshop and other image-doctoring software, not to mention at least a rudimentary knowledge of coding, there’s no telling what someone would be able to make a fake menu for in order to stir up a large amount of unintended hype.

Either way, if Sledgehammer (whose turn it is to make a Call of Duty game) is actually making something like Call of Duty: People’s Army, we’ll likely see it at some big gaming event or another possibly sometime over the course of this year.

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