Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Brings Back Many Familiar Faces

We knew Call of Duty : Modern Warfare will have Price and Soap returning. Now an Infinity Ward Dev has revealed other will return as well.

The excitement around the Call of Duty franchise is the highest it has been in recent years! This is because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a soft reboot of Call of Duty. As the name implies, it will have elements from the beloved Modern Warfare Trilogy. This will include fan-favorite characters like Price and Soap.

Now we know that they won’t be the only returning characters. Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki was recently asked by a Twitter User if we would have characters other than Price returning to the game. Here’s the response.

The response is abrupt but ambivalent enough to mean so much. We could potentially see the likes of Ghost, Nikolai, and perhaps even MacMillan.

Interestingly enough, if you head over to Amazon right now to check out MacFarlane’s upcoming lineup of new Call of Duty figurines. One product next to Captain Price is curiously blacked out, alongside the ominous “To Be Announced” text.

Could a big reveal be imminent and, if so, who’s standing behind the curtain?

Taylor Kurosaki has revealed other things about Modern Warfare as well. This includes the revelation that in a break from tradition, our protagonist won’t be a voiceless character. This sure to add to the story as it takes away from the interaction when the character is silent. The silent protagonist in first-person shooters has been on the way out.

It’s a relic of the past when individual character voice acting was deemed to be extra work. Now, with the advances in video game storytelling, it doesn’t make sense to stick with that.

We know that Infinity Ward is putting a lot of effort into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is especially true for the realism.

They are also not afraid of letting go of changes as is evidenced by the fact that they let go of the Zombies mode. The Zombies mode has been part of Call of Duty for many years now. But Infinity Ward letting it go means they have something bigger in store.

We can only wait and guess what is going to be part of it. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 25.