Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Crashes, Connection Issues, Freezes, FPS, Errors and Their Fixes

Here are some workarounds you can try if you are experiencing crashes, errors or low performance in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been available for a few days now, making it yet another respectable addition to the franchise. With all the glory though, there is also some player nagging. In some cases, it’s for good reason. Players are experiencing error messages, crashes, and performance issues in Black Ops Cold War. Can you do anything to solve some of those issues before Treyarch addresses them in a future patch?

Black Ops Cold War Crashes at Startup

Let’s be realistic. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is one of the most demanding games right now. This means that if you are playing the game on a mid-range PC, crashes and low performance will be frequent occurrences in Cold War. However, if you are sure that you meet the minimum requirements, there are some workarounds you can try to stop the game from crashing. For starters, try running the game as an administrator. Then, whitelist the game on your antivirus program and firewall.

One more thing you should try is updating your GPU drivers. Check whether or not you have any pending updates. Install them and then try launching the game. Last but not least, try running the game on windowed mode. You can do that by renaming the game’s shortcut target to -w through its Windows settings and hit Alt+Enter when the game boots up. To launch a game in windowed mode, you can also edit the .ini file to run on windowed mode.

In-game Crashes

In-game crashes sure are annoying. Their solution is most of the time obvious. For starters, you should run Black Ops Cold War only after closing up any unnecessary programs or browser windows. Treyarch’s new game is super demanding so you shouldn’t put more strain to your hardware.

If this isn’t the problem and your CPU and RAM usage is stable, then the next thing you can do to stop in-game crashes is to check if you have all your GPU driver updates installed as well as the correct version of Microsoft VC++ Redistributables.

Low Performance/FPS

Much like the previous issue, this one too could be related to your CPU and RAM usage being unusually high. Before you try anything else, make sure that low performance isn’t caused by it. If that’s not the issue, try switching off some of the most demanding graphics features in the game like V-sync and Ray Tracing or try out windowed screen.Last but not least,, check your GPU settings and set it to the best performance.

Low performance in FPS titles could also happen whilst having a bad connection. Issues like hit marker delays, rubber banding and stuttering are common indications of high ping. What you can do is check your connection and switch to a cable if you are connected through WiFi.

Error Code: 3107840166

The one error code that makes players go nuts since the release of Black Ops Cold War. There are a couple of ways you can make the error subside and the first one is to check your GPU driver program for potential updates. If there are, install them and try running the game again. If this didn’t help then check your GPU settings and if you are using MSI Afterburner turn it down. Remember to do a PC restart before you run the game.

The last workaround you can do to solve Error Code: 3107840266 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold  War is to repair the game’s files through the launcher. If none of those solutions helped you out then you should contact Activision’s support center or wait for Treyarch to implement a new update that will fix the issue.

Downloading Stuck

Being stuck while downloading is a common issue with and every player must have experienced it at least once. As a first step in troubleshooting, disable any firewall or antivirus programs running in the background. Blizzard states that creating a new Windows administrator account can sometimes help with this problem as well. If those don’t work, reset your internet connection and connect to again.

Moving on to the most extreme ways to solve the problem, you can delete the game and try reinstalling it. This is clearly a solution that can cause frustration to any player so make sure you have tried everything else beforehand. As a last resort, delete and reinstall

Black Ops Cold War In-Game Freezes

The first thing you’ll need to check if your game freezes randomly while you play is your PC’s temperature. High temperature either to the CPU or GPU can cause the game to freeze thus creating issues to your save files and progress. If your hardware is ay-ok then make sure that you are playing Cold War on a compatible Windows version. More specifically, Windows 10. It might seem trivial but players often bypass requirements and the OS they are using can often be the problem. Also, try installing all available security updates for Windows 10.

In addition, check your GPU and Sound card updates and install any if available. If those solutions haven’t solved your problem then you should contact Activision and have their support team help you out with the procedure.

Black Ops Cold War Connection Issues

Since Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’s multiplayer is heavily dependent on a good internet connection, first thing you need to make sure that your internet connection is not been consumed by other apps which can sometimes cause in latency and poor experience.

Make sure that router is not blocking the ports required by COD Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. If you have none of the above mentioned issues, a quick router restart can get you into the servers. Needless to say, if the servers are offline due to official maintenance, you won’t be able to connect or play the game. You can keep track of official announcements related to servers and downtime by following Call of Duty’s official twitter account.

These are all the workarounds we could gather on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War for the time being. If you are experiencing more specific errors and connection problems in-game, then you should contact the game’s support center and have a personalized solution to your situation. Note that a new update, Update 1.05 is now available for Black Ops Cold War so remember to download it as it might help eliminate some bugs and errors that were affecting you before.

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