Call of Cthulhu Dimensional Shambler Guide – How to Defeat, Finding Dagger of the Ancients

Are you stuck on The Dimensional Shambler in Call of Cthulhu? Because we found it very difficult to face this mythical beast. Do not fret, we have found the perfect guide to help you get away from The Shambler and effectively seal him away.

Call of Cthulhu Dimensional Shambler

The Dimensional Shambler is one of the mythical creatures in Call of Cthulhu and is pretty scary. The Dimensional Shambler is a strange beast that pops in and out of reality through any mirror.

He is pretty similar to that one beast from Stranger Things if you ask me. You will have to face the Dimensional Shambler twice in the game.

This guide will focus on the first time you meet this creature because only the first time with this mythical beast is difficult. You cannot fight this mythical beast.

The game will not let you fight any of the NPCs, no matter how aggressive they are. Your only option is to run.

How to Defeat Dimensional Shambler

The Dimensional Shambler will spawn as soon as you soon as you interact with the painting at the back of the Art Gallery. In order to do so, though, you might need to question the Dead Collector’s wife.

As soon as you hold the interact button with the painting, the battle will start. You will have to run and hide while you find a certain dagger that will seal this beast away. Here are the steps and some tips that will help you on your path, young detective:

Run, Run, Run
As soon as you trigger the painting at the back of the Art Gallery, run in any direction you can. The Shambler will notice you in big rooms, no matter how you are hiding, and so be sure not to use them.

How to Outrun the Shambler
If the Shambler ever sees you, you can outrun him. Loop through the two side rooms of the building for a good amount of time. You can outrun him if you keep going in loops. Though this might not a very nice tactic, it is a good way to survive.

You cannot Escape
Do note that during the time the Dimensional Shambler is chasing you, the main door and the back door of the building will be locked. Your only choice is to face this monster somehow.

You Must Find the Dagger, Harry!
The Dagger “of the Ancients” can only defeat the Shambler. You will need to find the dagger and use it to tear apart the painting the Shambler came out of. This will disrupt his ability to stay in reality, and well, take him back to his comfy home.

Finding the Dagger “of the Ancients”
You can find the Dagger “of the Ancients” by these following steps:

  • While looking at the painting, turn towards the entrance doors and enter the door to your right.
  • Look for a display case that has daggers in it. You will find your required dagger in one of these daggers. The location of the dagger apparently changes each walkthrough, so we cannot really point at the exact location of the dagger
  • While you’re looking at this specific display case, lighten up your lamp. If you have run out of power somehow, you can find oil refill spots in the Gallery.
  • Do note that turning on your lamp will attract the Shambler, be careful!
  • Look for a certain dagger that looks like this:

Dagger of the Ancients

Sealing the Beast

  • Pick this dagger up and head towards the painting. You will know it is the correct dagger if Pierce says “This dagger seems different”.
  • Interact with the painting and Edward will pierce right through the painting, effectively sealing the mythical beast.

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