Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Starts October 21 on Xbox One

Microsoft has just updated the pre-order listing on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare store page to show the start date of the Infinite Warfare beta. According to the listing, the beta period will start on October 21, only two weeks before the game comes out on November 4. The Playstation 4 version of the beta will start a week earlier, on October 14.

Beta invites for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are entirely dependent on you pre-ordering the game beforehand, which gets you an automatic invitation into the closed beta. PC players, however, are out of luck; Infinity Ward has said that there will not be a PC version of the Infinite Warfare beta in order to prevent data mining and spoilers.

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta will allow Infinity Ward to get an inkling of how the game’s multiplayer is so far, along with the server loads that the game will have when it officially releases. It also gives them the time they need to input any balance changes that they think are necessary.

However, the beta is for the game’s multiplayer only; if you’re one of those people that plays shooters for the story mode (or are at least interested since it has Jon Snow in it among other voice actors), you’ll have to wait until the game releases in early November if you want to see how the story goes.

Whatever maps and game modes will be in the Infinite Warfare beta are also, for now, a mystery. Infinity Ward will likely not put every single variant in the beta beforehand, but we’ll likely get at least Team Deathmatch or regular Deathmatch, one of the requisite game types that are in every first-person shooter worth their salt.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Infinite Warfare yet, but want to participate in the beta, you’ve still got several weeks left, so don’t delay if you don’t want to miss the date!


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