Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Two Rings Walkthrough

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Two Rings Quest allows you to gain access to the Sheem Dagoze Shrine. Here is how to do it!

Although most of the shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild are located in the open, some of these can only be accessed through minor side quests in the game. The Two Rings Quest is the shrine quest for the Sheem Dagoze Shrine. In order to access the shrine, you will need to complete The Rings Quest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This guide will help you complete the Two Rings Quest to find the Sheem Dagoze shrine, as well as complete the shrine itself.  

How to complete Two Rings in Breath of the Wild

The quest Two Rings is offered to Link by the NPC Kass. His is a Rito who will be playing the accordion. Kass can be found next to the bridge on the West Hyrule Plains. 

breath of the wild two rings quest starting point

Talk to Kass, and he sings a song where his master has evidently left the secret to revealing the Sheem Dagoze Shrine. The hint is that you need to get a single arrow to pass from two rings, 

Now just opposite Kass, on the other side of the road, there are ring-like rock formations spread around. All of these seem randomly placed, but these are the rings mentioned in the song.  

You need to find two of these rings, that are aligned enough for you to shoot an arrow that passes through both of them. Simple, right? Well, let us make it easier. As you look at the ring formations while standing next to Kass, the ring on the left, which is closest to the river is the ring you want to investigate. This is the only ring that provides a clear shot to the next ring.  

The ring that you are supposed to aim for is quite far away and the arrow will drop down midflight. To ensure that your arrow reaches it, aim higher than the ring. It will take you a few tries, but as soon as the arrow crosses both rings, the shrine will emerge.  

Sheem Dagoze Shrine Walkthrough 

As you enter the shrine, there are two buttons in front of you. These buttons tilt the platform on the wall in front of you, across the shrine. You need to press these buttons to send the ball on the top to the two ball socket switches to progress.  

The button on the left tilts the platforms to the right, and the button on the right tilts the platform to the left. With this in mind, look at the platform at the divergent. This is where you need to be fast, switching between the buttons to send the ball in the correct direction. Once both the balls are in their respective sockets, the door opens, allowing you to progress.  

Before you go through the newly opened door, you can spot a small platform under the lowest tilting platform. Jump and glide to it to get to the first chest of the shrine. Here, stand on the button to activate the floating platform to get back to the starting point.  

With the chest collected, you can now proceed to the main altar of the shrine and complete it. As you exit the shrine, it also marks the end of the Two Rings quest.  

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