Bravely Default 2 Anihal Boss Guide

You will face Anihal the Beastmaster Boss pretty early in Bravely Default 2, but she still proves to be quite difficult to take down. This guide contains all the information about the abilities of Anihal and how to defeat her in the boss fight in Bravely default 2.

Bravely Default 2 Anihal Boss

You will come across Anihal while in the town of Savalon. Since you won’t have high-level skills by this time, Anihal will give you a pretty tough time. However, if you keep her abilities in mind and follow the strategy that we have recommended, you will be able to take her down without much effort.

Anihal’s Abilities

Anihal has no immunities or resistances; however, she has the following abilities that include some pretty harsh strikes:

  • Animal Rescue: Anihal summons a beast when her health is low. It is usually a Sandworm that deals you AOE earth damage and blind.
  • Off the Leash: Makes a beast deal you a special attack.
  • Muzzle: Inflicts silence to everyone.
  • Mow Down: The whole party receives damage.
  • Mercy Strike: Inflicts you heavy damage but cannot deteriorate HP lower than 1.


At first, consider using your Blackmage poison Anihal. She will have three beasts on her side that include a Gelaflan, an Undine and a Peiste.

So next, you should target Undine because it can heal everyone using White Wind. In order to knock Undine down, Brave 4 times and then hit it with the Monk’s Qigong wave along with supporting attacks.

Once Undine is out, consider targeting Gelaflan since his debuff is an indirect buff to Anihal. Take the Pieste once Gelaflan has been dealt with.

After you have taken all of her pets, Mercy Strike will become Anihal’s primary move. You shouldn’t get any of your team members poisoned during this phase because they won’t be able to sustain Mercy Strike then.

Besides, keep a good ratio of your HP versus her BP bank. If she has more BP, you should have a better or default HP to take her strikes without getting knocked out.

Keep striking her and once her HP gets low, use your White Mage for healing. Try not to use low-power moves at this time because she might counter them with more lethal ones.

The best moves against Anihal during this phase are Monk’s Heeldrop and Vanguard’s Cross Cut. So, make sure that you use any of these while setting to finish her off.