Bound by Flame Side Quests Guide

Throughout the journey of Bound by Flame, players will encounter diverse side-quests which might or might not have a connection with the primary objective.

Bound by Flame Side Quests

Bound by Flame side quests are crucial to game progression as players will make develop affiliations, rivalries, and other connections.

Also, it is recommended that players pay heed to these side-quests as these events encourage exploration, discovering new content, making connections, and provide more understanding of the game world.

Act #1

Problems of Stewardship
This side-quest can be acquired from Steward who can be found inside the Village Hall behind the counter. Exhaust every dialogue option and set out to find Mirana and Mason – the village healer and the guard chief.

To find Mirana and Mason, head over to the center of the village and go through the gate on the east side. Mason can be found in this location. Talk to him and ask him of his problems which will unlock several other side-quests.

After exhausting all dialogue options, talk to Mirana on the south side and exhaust all her dialogue options to complete this side-quest.

The Greenhorn’s Training
After Problems of Stewardship is completed, talk to Mason and he will give The Greenhorn’s Training. This side-quest revolves around training Mason’s soldiers in three waves.

Each wave comprises of five guards: three Warriors and two Archers. Every individual has different playstyle so anything that works is recommended. However, it always helps to get some support from a partner.

Once all the waves are completed, Mason will present a reward and the side-quest will end.

The Dispensary Resources
This side-quest is acquired after Problems of the Stewardship from Marina. Marina needs five health potions and four units of food for this side-quest.

Health potions are quite easy to craft and most players have plenty of these at this point in the game. As for the food, it can be collected from cellar in the Village Hall and from Refugee Camp.

Once all the resources are gathered, head back to Marina and talk to her to complete this side-quest.

The Lost Assistant
This side-quest is also given by Marina and revolves around finding her assistant who have lost in Swamp Areas.

In order to find him, head over to the Southern Delta side of the Swamp. This area is located in the east side of the Refugee Camp. The area will be swarming with enemies including both melee and ranged monsters. These monsters also have an AoE damage as well as elemental damage.

However, these monsters can easily be taken out by using fire elemental damage. There will also be some other types of monsters which are not that big of a problem.

To do this more effectively, it is advisable that one should have enough potions, necessary gear, and equipment as well as a partner. After every monster is destroyed, save the assistant and complete the quest.

The Guard’s Equipment
This side-quest is attained from Mason who is a temporary blacksmith and requires some of the elements; primarily metal and leather.

Head over to Ansel and speak with him! One of the easiest ways of completing this side-quest is by breaking down the already available equipment and giving the generated items to Ansel.

There can be a chance that items which are already at a player’s disposal would not yield the required items. In this case, loot the piles of stones and fight off the Deadwalkers which provides enough resources.

The Disappeared Guards
This side-quest is attained from Mason that revolves around scavenging for disappeared guards in the Path of Ruins.

Now, before starting this side-quest, it is recommended to have a partner; preferably Randval. The Path of Ruins will be swarming with all sorts of monsters including Parasites, Whip Vines, Impalers, and Chrysalids.

Players should take advantage of Randval and clear out these monsters as soon as they appear. Use any strategy that works and head over to the Path of Ruins.

After that, three cadavers will appear on the map. Reach each one of these and loot them for items which needed to be taken back to Mason to complete this side-quest.

This is an optional side-quest which is only accessible is Edwen is freed during a Village of Refugees. However, after getting free, Edwen will kill Sybil’s father.

After returning to the village with Edwen, open the journal to start this side-quest.

Head over to the Steward and speak with him to share the whole incident followed by searching for Sybil inside the Guest Room for the Village Hall.

Just tell Sybil that her father’s death was a tragic accident and cheer her up which will complete this short side-quest.

The Dual
This side-quest is basically a one-on-one combat challenge against Randval in the Village Hall.

Throughout the fight, the main focus should be on counter-attacking and maintaining a safe distance. In addition to this, placing several traps helps immensely.

After defeating Randval, speak with the captain and complete the side-quest. At least Level 10 is recommended for this side-quest.

A Cure for the Prince
This side-quest is acquired from Rhelmar and revolves around finding a cure for the prince that can be found by killing Chrysalids Queens.

To find the cure, head over to the Swamp: Path to Valvenor and follow any of the markers. After killing both of the queens, head back to Silban to yield the ingredients and complete this side-quest.

The Recruitment of Randval
This is a small side-quest which is only unlocked after completing The Dual side-quest.

After defeating Randval in a one-on-one battle, recruit Randval, and speak with Captain. Captain will see the new recruit and the side-quest will be completed.

Missing in Action
This side-quest can be triggered after completing a Village of Refugees main-quest and telling the whole tale to Captain of the Freeborn Blades.

Act #2

The Blockade
This side-quest is acquired from High Commander Vahlen who requires a blockade set up by Deadwalkers to be destroyed.

Head over to the Frozen Waterway and get to the marked location on the map. Be careful as the area will be swarming with wandering Deadwalkers.

Generally, it is a good idea to have a companion which makes things a bit easy. Take out all the enemies and return to High Commander Vahlen to receive the reward and complete this side-quest.

Help the Elf Sentinels
This side-quest is automatically acquired upon the completion of The Dead City main-quest. After the markers appear on the mini-map, it is always advised to deal with the ranged foes first near the Watch Tower.

Once all enemies near the Watch Tower are defeated, head over to the other markers to deal with Deadwalkers who have set up a barricade.

Since defeating Deadwalkers is not difficult, this part of the side-quest is pretty easy.

The Icy Library
This side-quest is acquired from Sybil in the camp who requires a library to be found and a couple of books to be stolen.

In order to complete this side-quest, The Dead City main-quest must be completed. The gateway to the aforementioned library only opens during this quest.

Have Sybil as the companion and head inside the library to loot three books and complete this side-quest. There will be a couple of enemies in the library so be careful!

The Interrogation of a Deadwalker
This is a really small side-quest which takes place inside the camp. There will be a captive Deadwalker in the camp and players must let Edwin interrogate him in order to complete this side-quest.

Be ready to exhaust some dialogues and a couple of cut-scenes before this side-quest is completed.

A Traitor in the Camp
This is another short side-quest which is acquired from the High Commander Vahlen. After acquiring the side-quest, speak with Mathras.

Mathras will show suspicion that there is a traitor in the camp and will require players to interrogate Sentinels.

Interrogating a couple of Sentinels will direct players to Buffalo who will divulge the exact location of the traitor. In order to complete the side-quest, find and kill the traitor followed by speaking with the High Commander Vahlen.

The Souls of the Elves
This is a fairly long side-quest which can even span across the whole chapter. It is acquired from Rhelmar the camp who will require 20 Elves’ Soul Stones.

While completing other tasks and objectives, gather 20 Elves’ Soul Stones and return to Rhelmar to complete this side-quest.

Soul Stones can easily be harvested at the entrance of each area.

Camp Security
Again, a pretty short side-quest acquired from Rhelmar in the camp.

After interrogating the Undead, Rhelmar will want 10 crafted traps to improve the camp defenses. Traps are fairly easy to craft; provided there is plenty of required materials.

After gathering all the required material, simply craft 10 Exploding Traps and hand them over to Rhelmar to complete this side-quest.

Note: Breaking down Armor and Weapon can also yield required materials.

The Prisoners
In order to complete this side-quest, head inside the Merchant’s Quarters in Lower Caraldthas.

After entering the building, some markers will become visible on the mini-map. The markers represent the locations of prisoners which must be freed in order to complete this side-quest.

The area surrounding the prisoner will have some Deadwalkers so be careful!

Timid Request
After recruiting Mathras, head over to the camp and speak with Sybil as to what she thinks about Mathras.

Next, head over to Mathras and inquire about his personal life followed by heading back to Sybil and telling her everything.

Act #3

Save Renko
This side-quest is attained by Lyestas in the camp which requires heading inside the sewers and saving Renko.

Head to the sewers and take down the ravel in the Upper Waterworks. After that, head towards the Eastern Tunnel and find Renko.

At this point, a Bone Golem will appear at the scene. Defeat the Bone Golem and talk to Renko to complete this short side-quest.

A Damsel in Distress
This is yet another small side-quest which requires finding and reuniting with Sybil.

The exact location of Sybil will be marked on the World Map who will be surrounded by a bunch of Deadwalkers. To do this effectively, first focus on the ranged archer followed by the one with purple sword and then on the icy one.

After taking out all Deadwalkers, talk to Sybil and complete this side-quest.

A Knight in Distress
This side-quest is acquired exactly at the same time as A Damsel in Distress which requires saving Sybil.

In this side-quest, instead of Sybil, you will be assigned to save Randval who will also be surrounded by three Deadwalkers.

Like A Damsel in Distress, focus on the archer first followed by the one with the Purple Sword and lastly, on the Icy Deadwalker to complete this side-quest more effectively.

Improve the Camp’s Defenses
During the quest when Lyestas asks to bring in different crystals. You need to visit each marker and bring back all the crystals to Lyestas to complete this side-quest.

The Blades Enslaved
This side-quest is acquired during the sequence when you are taking out the Concubines. You need to let Randval take over and take down the boss.

Successfully, taking out the boss will complete this side-quest.


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