Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: The Quick and The Quickerer Walkthrough

Welcome to our Borderlands 3 The Quick and The Quickerer guide. This right here is your standard tutorial mission, with the game showing you the ropes of its mechanisms and taking you through the Bounty of Blood DLC’s Quick and Quickerer mission.

Borderlands 3 The Quick and The Quickerer

Talk to Josie, she will have a yellow exclamation mark above her head. She will tell you that she is a coffin maker and that she needs you to stir some trouble up at the local Gambling hall, for duels to start and people to die so that her business can boom.

As you approach the Hall, following the objective markers, slim will get tossed out of the hall and this is your introduction to him. Revive him as the game prompts.

Slim will then ask you to follow him to train with shooting stuff at the training range to practice for a duel that you encourage him to fight.

While you progress on to shoot some bottles, Slim won’t have much luck there as well, you’ll just need to encourage him anyway.

As you prepare Slim for the duel, he will need some protection, armor, and search around for any kind of metal plates to make him some.

After that, you have to get back to the Gambling Hall and get drunk Willian to duel Slim. He laughs and agrees, goes back, and encourages Slim up some more and just sit back and watch.

Go and melee the bell in the shop window right next to the two duelists to start the duel.

Surprisingly Slim wins as he pops a headshot off of Williams, but he is also shot and injured. Revive him again.

Now just return to Josie to get your reward and complete the Quick and the Quickerer mission.

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