Borderlands 3 The Case of Wainwright Jakobs Walkthrough

Complete The Case of Wainwright Jakobs with the help of this Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles guide and help find a cure

The groom has gotten himself cursed with a ring, and soon it will take over his body. You, the player, have been tasked to find a fix by Mancubus by employing the help of Burton Briggs in Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC. In this guide, we will help you with the complete walkthrough of Borderlands 3 The Case of Wainwright Jakobs in Guns, Love and Tentacles.

Burton Briggs is a detective cursed with forgetfulness and with his intuition you must try to solve the curse as quickly as you can.

Borderlands 3 The Case of Wainwright Jakobs

Start off the quest by talking to Mancubus who will tell you that the groom has brought something that endangers his life; back from his trip.

Talk to Wainwright
Proceed to talk to Wainwright and ask him to take off the ring. After this a weird dialogue will occur indicating that the man has been possessed. He will say, ‘The vessel has been chosen, it’s only a matter of time’, creepy.

Find a Way to Remove the Ring
Mancubus will warn you regarding the magnitude of the danger, and this entire thing will only cause more problems, preventing the groom from attending the ceremony. He will tell you of a man named Burton Briggs who can help you regarding this matter.

Go to the Eye Witness
Learning of the new man named Briggs, head to the Eye Witness and clear any enemies along the way. Ringing the bell on his door you will realize the detective isn’t home; Mancubus will suggest you go and talk to different townsfolk to learn about the detective’s whereabouts.

Talk to Townsfolk
Start talking to everyone around you to gather any possible information regarding the whereabouts of Briggs. Talking to a vomiting girl, you will learn that the last person Briggs talked to was Hallan; learning of this info, head to Hallan’s location.

Talk to Hallan and Jeanna
Hallan last saw Briggs talking to Jeanna; and Jeanna will tell you that Briggs said he was going to the cemetery.

Go to Withernot Cemetery
You will face more resistance on your way to the cemetery. Clear everything in your path, and proceed to the cemetery. Upon reaching your destination, you will realize Burton has gotten himself into a bit of trouble.

Defend Burton
Defend Burton from all incoming mobs and try to keep him alive. Once done, go up to him and simply revive him to get him back up on his feet. Tell him regarding the cursed ring, and he will tell you to head to the Dustbound Archives and give you the key to the gate.

Go to Dustbound Archives
Start making your way to the Archives whilst listening to Burton’s ambiguous monologue regarding his own life, thankfully, it ends in a bit. Once you’re inside the Archives, head to the holography chamber.

Reach Holography Chamber
Talk to the librarian Harriet in the center and Burton will convince her to let you in. Continue to heading down the hallway into the holography chamber; feel free to loot around on your way down to the chamber. Get ready to face a whole new wave of enemies, fight them off and clear the holography chamber.

Use Projector and Find Holotape
Once cleared, use the projector in the center and proceed to find the holotape cutting through the spawning enemies.

Enter Ventilation
Go through the ventilation and destroy the barricade to find the holotape, put it in and get ready to face an ambush.

Find Founder’s Office
Continue until you are out in the courtyard where you will face an Empowered Scholar. It will fly around a lot, and has a relatively small hitbox. However, it isn’t that hard of a fight, he will be running around mostly buffing enemies around him.

After beating the scholar, continue to the office, and search around for information regarding the cursed ring. Once done, simply head back to the lodge to complete your quest.

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