Borderlands 3 Spooky Heads Shift Code

Check out how to claim four free Spooky Head cosmetic items in Borderlands 3 using a special Shift code released by Gearbox

Continuing their tradition of post-launch cosmetic content and Shift Codes, Gearbox has released a new Halloween themed shift code for Borderlands 3 using which you will be able to obtain four spooky Vault Hunter heads. In this guide, we will show you how to claim these spooky heads and see your vault hunters enjoying Halloween in full spirit.

Borderlands 3 Spooky Heads Shift Code

Firstly, go to the website and look at the top of the page where ‘Shift’ is written. Click on the option to sign in to your Shift account. You can choose between the options connecting it to your account. It can be anything between PlayStation Network, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store, 2K, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook account to sign in.

Once you are signed in, go back to the main page of the website and you are going to see the option of ‘Redeem Code’. Click on the option to continue.

Sign in with your account to your Shift profile. If you have more than one account then you can attach them to your Shift code profile as well. Later on, you can choose the profile by which you will redeem it through.

You have to copy and paste the code ‘K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFF’ and put it in the option where you are being asked to redeem the code. Then choose the platform where you are going to redeem the code.

After redeeming the code you are going to get a mail in the game with your cosmetic drops. Continue with your Bloody Harvest once you have all the Vault Hunter heads available.

Keep in mind this Shift code is only valid till November 5th so make sure you don’t miss the chance to claim these spooky heads as they will most likely be unique to this Bloody Harvest event and not make a return in the future.