Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode Guide – How to Activate, Modifiers, True Vault Hunter

Like all loot shooters, finishing the campaign isn't the end of Borderlands 3 and you can activate Mayhem Mode for more challenge and rewards.

Once you finish the campaign in Borderlands 3, the game doesn’t just end there. Instead, the game unlocks a new mode, known as the ‘Mayhem Mode’. This mode increases the difficulty of the game by a significant margin. And the difficulty scales further with each of its three levels. If you want to learn what this mode is all about, keep reading as this guide contains all the information about the Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode

Once you complete the entire campaign, a new terminal will appear on the Sanctuary-3. This terminal can be used to play Mayhem Mode 1, 2 or 3 – the difficulty of the mode increases with each level.

Mayhem mode increases the health, armor, and damage of all enemies by a large amount. Plus, it also increases the spawn rate of Badass and Anointed enemies.

The difficulty increase stats of Mayhem Mode are as follows:

Mayhem 1
Enemy Health: +15%
Shield and Armor: +250%

Mayhem 2
Enemy Health: +75% increase
Shield and Armor: +100%

Mayhem 3
Enemy Health: +150%
Shield and Armor: +200%

As you can see, the mode is called “Mayhem” for a reason.

As the difficulty increases, so does the loot you will get from enemies. It has a high risk-to-reward ratio but the quality of the loot you will acquire will be much better than the loot you’re used to.

On top of that, you will also get way more experience, Eridium and Silver than normal. The quality of the loot, experience, Eridium and Silver increase by the following amount, per Mayhem level.

Mayhem 1
Quality of the loot: +100%
Experience: +10% increase
Eridium and Silver: +30%

Mayhem 2
Quality of the loot: +300%
Experience: +30% increase
Eridium and Silver: +60%

Mayhem 3
Quality of the loot: +500%
Experience: +50%
Eridium and Silver: +100%

Mayhem Mode Modifiers

A standout feature of the Mayhem Mode is that it introduces modifiers to the game. A couple of mods will be applied to you, each time you enter a new location.

The effects of these mods are totally random. They could be super helpful for you; I.e. increasing your damage output. Or, they could be the opposite; I.e. increasing the damage output of your enemies.

True Vault Hunter’s Mayhem Mode
The Vault Hunter difficulty seems to have its own Mayhem Mode. If you finish the game on Normal difficulty, Mayhem Mode will be unlocked, but you will have to re-do the game in True Vault Hunter difficulty to unlock a special version of Mayhem Mode; which, somehow, makes it even harder than it already is.

That’s all you need to know about the new Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode. Good luck beating it!

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