Borderlands 3 Legendary Hunts Locations Guide

In our Borderlands 3 Legendary Hunts Locations Guide, we have detailed everything about finding all three Legendary Hunts in BL3.

BL3 consists 10 of Hammerlock’s legendary Hunts and finishing them will unlock the “Got Big Game “trophy. Each hunt consists of a very strong beast that you have to defeat, you can even use vehicles to defeat them. Borderlands 3 offers players a set of Crew Challenges in every zone. The Legendary Hunt is a challenge which is part of the multiple Crew Challenges of the Ascension Bluff, The Droughts, and Athenas, etc. marked by a green icon on the map.

These green icons turn blue after finishing. Each area has one Legendary Hunt, you can also see your number of hunts by pressing in the World map. You get a message from Sir Hammerlock, inside the message is a weapon “Pause Menu > Social > Mail.” As soon as the last hunt ends, you receive Quickdraw Bekah; a Legendary Rifle that shoots 3 bullets at once.

Last hunt is in the last section of the game and all of them can’t be finished till the story finishes. Some sections of Pandora can’t be accessed on your initial visit and can only be unlocked when reaching the end of the game. Therefore, all of these sections are played as a part of the main story missions.

Borderlands 3 Legendary Hunts Locations

The location of these Legendary Hunts can be very tricky to find. In this Legendary Hunts Locations Guide, we’ve gathered all these locations for you.

Legendary Lavender Crawly

From Pandora, travel to Droughts. Make your way to the southwestern section of the map to find the hunt. You’ll notice puddles and hives dug into the cliffs.

There you’ll fight a huge bug which break into two parts upon receiving damage from you, the bug is known as the “Lavender Crawly”. This Crawly is just a Varkid with a top hat on. Similar to the Skrakk fight, the Crawly will unleash other Varkids while you’re fighting him.

Kill them all as they come and then focus your fire on the Crawly once they’re all dead. When you complete this challenge, you will be rewarded with the Iron-Willed Bowie Longrider Shotgun.

Legendary Skrakk

This is the initial hunt on Pandora which is in the Ascension Bluff situated in the western section of the map in a tight valley. Here, you will come face to face with the legendary Skrakk.

The Skrakk is a Skag which has the ability to fly and it examines your focus. While you’re fighting it, it will call upon other Skags to try and overpower you. Watch out for these Skags and kill them as they come. Once the coast is clear, focus all of your fire on the Skrakk.

When you complete this challenge, you will be rewarded with the Daisy Marshall pistol. To obtain your reward, check your mailbox.

Legendary Hunt Antalope

You’ll unlock Antalope after travelling to Devil’s Razor. Visit the bridge that links the east and west section of the map. Take a look at the north side and you’ll find some nests in the canal. This is the location of the beast.

Legendary Hunt Phoenix

Hammerlock has a conversation with you about hunting a Phoenix, after you’ve reached Splinterlands. Phoenix is found on top of a mountain in a cave situated in the northeast. It levels up from 27 Phoenix to 28 Reborn Phoenix to a 29 Legendary Phoenix, upon being defeated.

Legendary Hunt Manvark

Manvark is located in Konrad’s Hold in Pandora. It sends Varkids to your position. Be careful for small adversaries that attack you. You deal Critical hits when it takes position inside a cocoon to conceal itself that should not stop you from hitting him.

Legendary Chupacabratch

The following Legendary Hunt is in Athenas which much easier to find. Travel to the middle of the northern part of the map. Go past the very first dead Claptrap and find a garden consisting of a small yellow ledge, you will reach a small area containing a Legendary Hunt.

A Chupacabratch is a giant mutated ratch. He has horns over its head and his tail is similar to a scorpion’s tail. He is simple to find the Chupacabratch due to its enormous size. You just have to gun him down as it is very easy to kill. He does have quite a lot of health so make sure to bring some ammo satchels.

Legendary Hunt Chonk Stomp

Your following location is Eden-6. After reaching your destination, proceed to Floodmoor Basin to take on Chonk Stomp.

Killing him is very simple, simply keep hitting him from a distance and dodge him whenever he tries to attack you. Chonk Stomp is located in a cave in Primeval Grotto, which is situated in the northwest section of the map.

Legendary Jabbermogwai

Jabbermogwai legendary hunt can also be finished at Eden-6. You can start off by traveling to Voracious Canopy situated in the northwest section of the map and carefully obverse a creature that looks like monkey near a waterfall.

This creature is found near the treetop home of jabbers, if you are currently doing a side quest in this section (that includes a battle between apes and dinosaurs).

Legendary Hunt Blinding Banshee

Blinding Banshee is a creature similar to scorpion, it strikes you when you come close to it. It is located in Nekrotafeyo, Desolation’s Edge.

Upon using a good quality weapon such as a sniper, this adversary can be defeated easily from a long range as it is not well-armed. It sends two green projectiles which can be avoided easily.

Legendary Hunt Swarm Host

Swarm Host is located in Nekrotafeyo, The Pyre of Stars. It jumps and strikes you with its fangs and sends smaller adversaries to attack you.

This boss along with its smaller adversaries can be defeated easily, when they deal corrosive damage. Due to the corrosive damage the attack stays for a while and the smaller adversaries die immediately.

These are the locations of all the Legendary Hunts in Borderlands 3. Good luck finding them!

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