Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith Boss Guide

Evil Lilith is another boss that you’ll have to beat as part of your journey through the Psycho Krieg and...

Evil Lilith is another boss that you’ll have to beat as part of your journey through the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC. We have created this Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith Boss Guide to help you get equipped for this encounter and be aware of what to expect, and beat this boss easily.

Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith Boss

There are a couple of attacks that Lilith is capable of, and once you know what they are and how to counter them, you’ll be able to get through this battle easily.

In between these attacks, use every window to shoot as may rounds as you can or hurl grenades to make the best out of it.

Simply, use whatever arsenal you have at disposal to quickly dish out damage.

Dash Attack
With this attack, Lilith covers a lot of distance and uses it to dash towards the player in order to deal some damage while also leaving a trail of fire in her wake which also causes damage if you come into contact with it.

The dash is not particularly fast, you can dodge it without trouble but stay away from the fire trails.

Teleport & Ground Slam
The other basic attack that Lilith uses. In this attack, she disappears momentarily to teleport to another location in the arena where she then slams onto the ground causing AoE damage.

It does not end with that; the slam then produces a wave of energy that travels through the arena along with orbs that shoot in different directions.

Beware of the teleportation as she might even appear above you and slam down on you.

The energy wave can be avoided by jumping over it and the orbs are also fairly easy to dodge

She’ll also use a fairly basic projectile attack where she summons balls and makes them shoot at you quickly. The balls do splash damage upon contact.

During this attack, you’ll have plenty of time to damage her as she stays still when launching the projectiles.

Orb Summon
After half her health has been depleted, Lilith will retreat and recharge her energy (not hp), which she will then use to summon orbs of energy which will hover around the arena until they quickly shoot towards you.

Blast these orbs by firing at them as soon as you can to redirect your fire back at Lilith asap.

This other attack will stay until you deplete her hp completely.

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