Borderlands 3 Eridian Writings Locations Guide

Eridian Writings in Borderlands 3 are those weird symbols that you run into right from the start of the game...

Eridian Writings in Borderlands 3 are those weird symbols that you run into right from the start of the game in various locations; the ones that you understand nothing about, since its some sort of dope alien language.

Borderlands 3 Eridian Writings Locations

It’s going to take a while till you get to understand what the writings really mean, in fact, the game will be closer to its end when you come across the required item, namely the Eridian Analyzer, which will allow you to interact with these slabs containing the writing.

Though you don’t have to worry about missing the item since it’s associated with one of your main story-line quests/missions.

You might be wondering about what you really achieve by reading a bunch of alien symbols, well I can assure you that this isn’t gonna make your parents proud, but it does get you AMOUNTS of Eridium for you to complete your collections in the game.

Your map will have noted the locations at which you came across Eridian Writings during your gameplay.

Go ahead and collect the Eridian Writings that you find in the game, you’ll encounter your first ones when you’re in The Drought. Here are the locations at which you’re most likely to notice these writings during Borderlands 3:

The Droughts

Eridian Writing The Droughts

You will find two pieces of the Eridian Writing in The Droughts, one of which will be towards west of the base in a cave near to the arena where the Lavender Crawly Legendary Hunt happens.

You will find the other piece on the other side of the map, on its eastern edge, in an appendix-like area. This sub-area is referred to as the Eridian Dig Site. Though you will be able to visit this place during a main story-line quest.

Ascension Bluff

In this area, you will only find one of these writings. Head up north and onto a ledge that overlooks the Catch-A-Ride vehicle bay which is on the edge of the camp. To climb on top of the area, go around and through the camp.


To get to the one piece of these Eridian Writings located in this area, head south of the map. You will find it in the room after the Captain Trent boss fight although you will have to defeat the boss before you can access it.

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