How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3

We’ll be showing you exactly How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3 with the detailed and thorough instructions in this guide.

Diamond Keys is the new holy grail added to BL 3 through The Director’s Cut. Accessing an entire room full of loot is extremely thrilling and we’ll be showing you exactly How to Get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3 with the detailed and thorough instructions below.

Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

Diamond Keys are a new addition to BL3 and work somewhat similarly to the Golden Keys. The difference is that Golden keys only give you access to a single golden chest while Diamond Keys grant access to an entire room full of weapons and loot.

Diamond Keys can only be accessed if you purchase the Director’s Cut of Borderlands 3. And even then, it is a very rare drop so you would have to be extremely lucky to get one of these.

Vault Cards

Diamond Keys drop inside Vault Card Crates and you can get those by leveling up your Vault Cards. Vault Cards are a new mechanic introduced to the game in Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut and they can be leveled up by simply playing the game.

With every level up of your Vault Card, you will be given a Vault Card Crate which could potentially contain a Diamond Key. You can level up your selected Borderlands 3 Vault Card quicker if you complete the new daily and weekly challenges added to the game.

Other than Diamond Keys, these crates can contain all kinds of high-tier loot as well. It lets you unlock Legendary gear and cosmetics from the respective Vault Type.

Each Vault Card in Borderlands 3 has a total of 28 rewards. These include 24 themed cosmetics and 4 new legendary gear drops.

This new system makes it possible for players to get tons of cool loot with a tad bit of luck involved. All of the loot you get will be scaled according to your level and there is no level  cap

How to Use Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3

Should you happen to finally get a Diamond Key off one of the Vault Cards. You will now be able to use the diamond key in a specific spot located in Sanctuary 3. Once you make your way there, go under the bridge and use the key on the diamond symbol located on the podium.

Once you use the key, the loot room will open with rewards on each wall. You can pick one reward from each category.

Be quick though because there will be a timer dictating how long you get to loot that stuff. If you forgot to pick an item from any of the walls, then a random item will be dropped from that wall once the timer is over.

A final item will be dropped from the chest which is guaranteed to be a Legendary item. So, each diamond key enables you to get 4 items and 1 of these items will always be legendary.

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