Borderlands 3 Circle of Slaughter Locations Guide

This guide will focus on the horde mode, Circle of Slaughter, in Borderlands 3 so you can get some mindless mayhem out of your system

If you are fed up with the regular story mode, Borderlands 3 also presents you with progressive wave portioned fights called the Circle of Slaughter where you get to mindlessly butcher enemies while their strength grows after each wave. This Borderlands 3: Circle of Slaughter Locations Guide will walk you through all three of the locations with detail.

Borderlands 3 Circle of Slaughter Locations

To access the Circle of Slaughter, in BL3 you need to find the locations of the slaughter pits. There are 3 different locations for Circle of Slaughter that are hidden as side missions on the map and are easily overlooked.

Here, you have the chance of fighting waves of enemies that get stronger every time you progress to the next wave. This can quench your thirst for mindless killing and slaughter so you can get back into story mode to carry on.

Each arena in BL3 Circle of Slaughter has 5 rounds, with multiple enemy waves to defeat. There are 4 waves in each round excluding the first, which has three, and the fifth which has five with a boss at the end. At the end of each round, the game saves and thus even if you die you won’t have to start from scratch. Stock up on as much ammo as you can, because that will be a primary concern during the fighting.

Circle of Slaughter Solo vs Multiplayer

You can play the Circles of Slaughter, both solo and in multiplayer mode. To play solo you will have to find them first, as detailed below. But if you don’t want to bother with finding them, then you can hop in to the multiplayer matchmaking system and play with other players, but this way the arena is chosen at random.

To play online just do the following steps: Pause Menu -> Social -> Matchmaking -> Circle of Slaughter.

The three Circle of Slaughter Locations in BL3 are as follows;

Cistern of Slaughter

Location: Meridian Metroplex (Prometheus)

South-west of the fast travel station at the location shown on the map, look for the NPC by the elevator. Upon talking to him, he will allow you to go down the elevator that will lead you to the slaughter circle.

Slaughter Shaft

Location: Konrad’s Hold (Pandora)

You will find this in the regular course of the game towards the end of the story mode when you are in Konrad’s Hold. There, find the location shown in the screenshot to interact with the NPC there. He will grant you access to the slaughter circle.

Slaughterstar 3000
Slaughterstar 3000

Location: Nekrotafeyo

This one is a part of the side quest Slaughterstar 3000. It does not actually show up on the map unless you are close by. Once you’re there, accept the mission after which it will return you to the Sanctuary.

Once there, interact with the console in the command room to select Slaughterstar 3000 as your destination and go through the drop pod in the cargo hold area. Once accessed, it will start showing up as a Planet for fast travel.

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