Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Legendary Weapons Guide

In this Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Legendary Weapons guide, we will look at all the new weapons found in the new DLC of BL3. It is newly released so whatever is in this guide is to best of our knowledge at the time of writing.

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Legendary Weapons

Below is a complete list of all the legendary guns added to Borderlands 3 with the Bounty of Blood DLC as well as the locations where you can acquire them from.

Most of these BL3 Bounty of Blood weapons are dropped by Skin to Win challenge targets so you have some tough fights ahead of you.

Unkempt Harold
This weapon has a very large splash radius. It can fire 3 shots in a horizontal spread which can further divide into seven pellets.

It is a Torgue gun and it was also present in Borderlands 2. It is dropped at Bloodsun Canyon by Cober Dowd.

Complex Root
This Maliwan sniper rifle has the ability to split its multiple of laser into projectile that scatter everywhere in a numerical pattern and ricochet back to cause more damage.

It can cause damage to teammates as well so be careful when you use it as Amara or Moze. It is Dropped in Ashfall peaks by Lani Dixon the invisible badass enemy.

Contained Blast
This is a Torgue Assault rifle that can spawn small bombs with your shots that take a few seconds to explode or instantly if you reload. If Kaoson was an AR, this would be it.

It works the same as the contained blast.

This Torgue Rocket Launcher can fire 4 rockets at once which when attached to their target explode in a couple of seconds.

Dowsing Rod
This is a Vladof assault Rifle with a big magazine and a high fire rate if you keep holding the fire button. It can launch grenades at alt fire.

This is an Atlas rocket launcher that can fire five rockets at once. With alt-fire it throws a grenade that marks a target on the enemy for the rockets.

This is a Maliwan pistol that has the ability to convert between 2 elements with a good fire rate aka Hellshock. The current element is triggered when you reload.

A Vladof pistol that has a normal fire rate with 2 barrels not both are equally accurate though. It can shoot explosive rockets that have a weird screwball trajectory.

Proprietary License
This is a Hyperion SMG. It fires explosive bullets which when fire become bombs that go through the ground by drilling and explode at enemy feet.

This is the pistol that Jakob uses. You can change the burst fire shots by holding the trigger.

This is a Tediore shotgun. Your ammo stays preserved if you land a critical. If you want to use the Fl4k build using Megavore, this would be perfect.

This is a COV Pistol. This fires fast like like an SMG and causes Corrosive damage. Upon impact, the projectiles explode and cause corrosive damage shortly.

It can cause damage to teammates as well so be careful when you use it. It is dropped at Bloodsun Canyon by Dickson Goyle.

This is also a Maliwan SMG that can switch between two elements. It fires shots that divide themselves into several bullet patterns in a quick sequence.

Sublime Frequency
This is a Maliwan shotgun that can use 2 elements. It shoots a soundwave shot that has a good area of effect.

Pouncing The Blanc
This is a Dahl pistol that get 35% more weapon damage bonus when you damage enemies for some time when you switch between firing modes.

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