Borderlands 3 Best Guns Guide

We have compiled a list of all the Best Guns in Borderlands 3 that will be useful whether you are just starting the game or have been playing for a while.

Borderlands 3 has a wide range of weapons and just like in typical Borderlands fashion, its main focus is guns. These are well mechanized and sophisticated weapons. To be the best in this game, you need to have full control over these complicated weapons.

Borderlands 3 Best Weapons

Below is a list of all the amazing weapons which we feel are the best in Borderlands 3 for all sorts of situations.

Best Overall Guns

Here we have tried out and checked all the weapons of the game and here is the list of overall best weapons that are better than most in almost every way:

Smart-Gun XXL
This one is an SMG weapon and it performs all the normal functions of an SMG but its special thing is that it can turn into a mobile turret and this can help you eliminate the trails of enemies in your path.

Bored Double Penetration Gun
This gun will send the rolling saw blades from the ground that will explode on contact with the target. Other than that it will fire rapid shots.

Ginormous Bangarang XL
This is another SMG but with some special tactics. It will fire rapid bullets and its bullets will move up and down when they hit the enemy. It is going to give a lot of damage to enemies.

Subsidized The Butcher
This one is a very expensive shotgun. But it is going to be very heavy with damage and you can get an instant kill with one shot with The Butcher.

Quadamizer Plush
It is a very versatile kind of weapon and you can do three different types of shots with this one. You can either do fire damage or corrosive shots or you can even fire rockets and you will only need to reload it once before using all three types of attacks.

Expert Storm
This is a sniper rifle and this is a good weapon but its damage depends upon the range you are using it from. It has shock damage for the nearby enemies too but it will get much more deadly at a medium range.

Dastardly Head Explosion
Now, this is another sniper rifle but much better than the one mentioned above. Its damage is not dependent on range. You can easily take deadly shots from long range as well. It is very useful to hit critical damage to powerful bosses.

Eridian Fabricator
Now this one is the rarest guns ever in Borderlands 3. We have covered how you can find it in another guide. This weapon does not fire bullets or rockets or anything, but it shoots guns like a rain of weapons all of which are good.

Best Early Guns

Now if you are starting the game and are in the early phases, you might not find any rare weapon and if you don’t want to struggle with bad weapons, here is the guide to best weapons that you can find early on in the game:

This is a powerful SMG that you will come across early in the game. You will receive this gun after killing this optional enemy named Killavolt.

This gun shoots burst fires and it has an option for switching the scope to high magnification. It hits enemies with lightning and is useful against shields.

We highly recommend you to do Killavolt quest, it will also give you access to Lectra City.

This is another powerful gun that you will find early in the game. This one has to explode bullets that do damage to enemy increasing exponentially over time.

It also has a bayonet attached to enhance its capability of melee attack as well.

You will find this gun in Ascension Buff region near a yellow-painted rock, you will be asked by Hammerlock to kill a flying monster.

Keep in mind that it is a random drop gun so you might not find it by killing monster but you can do that again by reloading and take another chance.

You will find this gun in Lectra City near the area where you will see ‘Proof of wife’ quest. Down the staircase and into a narrow dead-end alley, you will see a puzzle and after solving it you will face off with ‘One Punch Boss’.

Defeating that boss will give you this powerful shotgun. This is one punch gun and can blow up enemies in one shot.

Best Legendary Guns

Borderlands has a tradition of side quests leading you to some legendary stuff that can be overwhelming and can make you unstoppable at moments. You will go on hunting for this orange equipment with brio.

These legendary guns are way cooler than ordinary guns and here we have covered all we know so far and it will be updated as we find more:

Gatlin’ Lead Sprinkler
Now you will find this gun at almost level 26 or closer and if you are following the main storyline you will not miss it for sure. At Eden-6 you during the main quest of ‘The Harpy’s Den’, you will find a boss named ‘Billy the Chosen One’.

It is kind of a pawn left by Calypsos and you can easily get rid of it, it is not that tricky of a boss just keep in mind to keep this boss in the theatre that will help you a lot in the fight.

Now you will get a Gatlin in the drop, but in case if you don’t (the chances of which are very slim) you will have to reload and do it all over again and you will get it.

This gun is a real massacre and you will love it. It shoots with very high damage but the best part is that it has a zone amplifying the effect.

It is when you fire enemy with this one, it will also throw explosives like mini grenades inflicting area damage along with its shot damage. Cool. Isn’t it?

Cloud Kill
This is a pretty easy weapon to get but it is at the very end of the main quest ‘Under Meridian’, you will have to do all the side quests and at the end, you will see the side quest named a unique legendary weapon.

It is a pretty straightforward way to get this weapon.

Now, this is a very powerful SMG. You will find it at almost level 23. It doesn’t seem a very special weapon as it just shoots normally.

But it also does a very unique thing that when its projectiles hit enemy it creates a cloud of poison above it inflicting area damage. It will choke your enemy through poison.

Bankrolled Predatory Lending
Getting this weapon is also pretty straightforward. For this, you will have to complete the first legendary hunt for Hammerlock. It will be in the second zone of the game called arid areas.

There you will just go and fight the boss ‘Rampart Larvaire’, there are no prerequisites and a simple procedure all along. There are pretty great chances that you will be able to get Bankrolled Predatory Lending in the first try.

Well, this weapon is tricky because it does all the basic shooting stuff but also doesn’t need any ammo. It uses your money rather than physical ammo.

But at the end of the game, there are some powerful enemies on which you can use it as you will be rich by then.

Iron-Willed Nimble Jack
It is a little bit difficult and tricky to find this weapon, but that’s what we are here for. When you go to Skywell-27 during the quest ‘Space Lasertag’, you will have to just follow the quest simply until Rhys asks you to jump in a big hole.

When you jump inside this hole keep moving until you find yourself in an alleyway. Here, you will have to go to the left and at the place where there seems to be no way out, go for the fan and jump on it.

Now go behind the rock you are seeing and reach that area to the left of the fan by jumping.

Here, you will face off the ‘Beautiful Jackie’. She is going to be a tough one, as she is the biggest fan of Handsome Jack alive. She regenerates shield many times, you will have to use burst shots or some electric weapon for this one.

She has a very good chance of dropping Iron-Willed Nimble Jack. Otherwise, simply repeat the process and you will get it.

This weapon is crazy insane and it has the perfect accuracy when you’re in the air. You can rush with this weapon very easily and throw it right on the faces of your enemies. We highly recommend this one if you’re playing Zane.

Stark Tsunami
It is a very easy drop as it is part of the main storyline. When you’re at the Starwell-27 and doing the quest ‘Space Lasertag’ you will come across this enemy named ‘Katgawa Ball’.

This enemy is a part of the main quest so you will not miss it. You just need to defeat this one to get this weapon.

This one shoots balls of all elements when charging and is a good and fast small SMG. It is highly effective and quick and if you are playing Amara we highly recommend you this one.

You will have 5 shots of five different elements of your own choice.

One Pump Chump
This is the same weapon as mentioned above, you will find it early on in the game but yes this one is a legendary weapon.

Best Rare Guns

Moar Dayumned Wizzperer
This one is COV assault rifle and it has an alien barrel in front. It is a rare gun with a special beam to fire. It is a beam of irradiated death that explodes the enemies.

This one is not a gun essentially but we can call it a rocket launcher. It fires hamburgers with all the condiments. You might have to wait after firing, it does knockback damage but it is very effective and will send your enemies flying.

The Killing Word
It is just a COV pistol but with a very cool look. It fires sonic waves, we agree that it definitely looks very cool, these sonic waves but it does not have any special damage just the normal damage.

Porta-Pooper 5000
Now this one is special. It is again a rocket launcher and it fires the blows of irradiated ‘waste’. It will suffocate and irradiate your enemies.

Best Unique Weapons

This is a unique sniper rifle created by Maliwan. This one does dual damage and can be useful with bosses and rapid fires. This one can fire energy bolts and also a special orb that can be popped out by a bolt and can deal massive damage.

Kill’O’The Wisp
This one will be dropped by the boss ‘Ratch Nest’ that you will face off during ‘Holy spirits’. It is also created by Maliwan but this one is a shotgun and will give you one drop shot.

The unique thing in this one is that it will shoot slow-moving orb that will send strands of electricity to the nearby enemies giving them massive damage.

It is an Assault Rifle created by the Torgue. It has the unique ability to inflict area damage. When you shoot with it, it will shoot three projectile grenades damaging the nearby enemies as well.

Brawler Ward
It is a shield and created by Hyperion. Its unique ability is 25% weapon damage and 300% melee damage while depleted and 2% max health regen when active and double that while depleted. It will be found in Graveyard.