How To Level Up Fast in Borderlands 2

Find out how to make your leveling experience super efficient and level up fast in Borderlands 2 to make sure enemies are no trouble

The leveling and experience system of Borderlands 2 is similar to any other game out there. Experience is gained by killing enemies and completing quests. Higher the level/difficulty of enemies and quests means more experience for players. In this guide, we will tell you how to level up fast in Borderlands 2.

How To Level Up Fast in Borderlands 2

Difficulty of a quest can be checked by pressing [Tab] and then going into your quest log. Each quest will have a color coded difficulty indicator beneath it – Trivial (Grey), Normal (Green) or Tough (Orange). Note that enemies level with you. Hence if you go back to an earlier area, the enemies there will be of a higher level now.

Once you’re past level 5, you’ll start gaining skill points which can then be spent in skill trees. It’s advised to go for health and defensive options in order to survive in the early stages of the game.

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Farming & Side Quests
Farming or grinding for money and level is of little use in Borderlands 2. If you’re still interested then you can go back and forth from an area to have the enemies respawned. While the bosses will not revive after leaving and re-entering an area, all the rest of the enemies will.

Players usually adopt farming as a means to level up and then have a better shot at a difficult boss or quest. Borderlands 2 has an alternative option for that and it’s called side-quests.

There are a ton of side-quests in the game and some will have to found out by the players themselves. Doing a couple of side-quests will almost instantly lower down the difficulty of any ‘Tough’ quest you have at that time. They are quick to do and will grant you more experience than from farming an area.

Fast Leveling Tip #1 – Pairing Up With A Higher Level Player
Create a new character and finish the tutorial of the game. Once that’s over, Save and quit the game. Now go to matchmaking and choose ‘Quick Match’. If you’re lucky, you’ll be paired up with someone who is well into the late game.

That ultimately means tons of experience points for you; provided you decide to tag along.

Tip #2 – Tiny Tina Unlimited XP Glitch
Head on over to ‘Tundra Express’ and meet with ‘Tiny Tina’ at her workshop. She will give you a side mission asking you to retrieve some of her stuffed animals. On completion, Tiny Tina will give you another side mission asking you to kite Fleshstick, a bandit over into her workshop.

Now this is a failable mission, and if you kill Fleshstick you can always go back and take the quest again. However, every time you kill Fleshstick you’ll be given around 1720XP. This will ofcourse start to fall a bit once your level goes higher.

Tip #3 – Exploiting Varkids
Head on to ‘Caustic Caverns’ and open the huge double doors. Right outside will be a swarm of varkids. Don’t kill them yet, you need to lower their health down to have them transforming into their second form. When the pods come in front of you, quickly destroy them.

Each pod that you destroy gives you around 1290XP. There are around five varkids outside the doors, that results in 6450XP in just 10 seconds.

Now run straight ahead (North), past the threshers into the ‘Infested Warehouse’. There are a lot of varkids here and 3 minutes of killing pods here will earn you around 10, 000XP. If you’re interested in grinding, then five hours here will earn you around 1, 000, 000XP and that’s a lot.

Tip #4 – Marcus Unlimited XP Glitch
When you first reach Sanctuary, go meet Marcus at his shop. He’ll give you the quest ‘Rock, Paper, Grenade, Fire Weapons). Instead of shooting off the bandits with fire weapons, kill them with any normal gun. They will respawn every time giving you around 70XP on each kill.

Tip #5 – Help A Friend
If you have completed the game and now want to help out a friend in leveling his character, and this is what you do. Simply ask them to join your game on True Vault Hunter Mode. His new character will get huge amounts of experiences every time you complete a quest.

As an example, grabbing the gun out of the container after Claptrap loses his eye will get you enough XP for Level 5.

Tip # 6 – Taking Fast Routes
For this, you gotta take some fast routes. Generally the fast route is first to play normally till Sanctuary. Also you can get to level 7 by playing again and again against Boom/Bewm Boss fights.

Then rush through the Firehawk to accept ‘In Memoriam’ side quest. Once you have done it, Boll will be farmable. Farming Boll grants you various Fast Balls which is kind of a good exp.

Further, go on with the story till Bad Maw and then enter Bloodshed Stronghold and then do a safe quit. Kill Bad Maw then and go back into Safe Quit. Rinse and repeat the step to gain more exp.

Fast Leveling Tip # 7 – Refarm Bosses
You can also refarm bosses and here Warrior won’t be a problem. Even if you are at Level 30 and Warrior is bit of a problem for you, you should hop into Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep        and then farm a Bee for the Treants in the forest. The only requirement is that you must do it before TVHM.

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