Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons boss tips and strategy to kill all chalice dungeon bosses and clear the dungeon to get rewards.

In addition to Primary Bosses and Optional Bosses, there is an array of Chalice Dungeon Bosses in Bloodborne.

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Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons Boss Tips and Strategy

There are a total of 10 Chalice Bosses you can encounter in Bloodborne. This guide is an overview of everything you need to know about Chalice Dungeon Bosses and how to defeat them:

Undead Giant
Location: The Undead Giant appears as a random boss in Pthumerian Labyrinth

The Undead Giant is one of the easiest Chalice Dungeon bosses in Bloodborne. There are not any devastating attacks at his disposal. Most of his attacks are plain swipe attacks which are quite easy to dodge.

At ofttimes, you will also see him charging up. Whenever you see this happening, dodge away from the area to avoid damage from a large area-of-effect attack.

Other than this, there is not anything that ought to concern you. Try and find your window in-between his attacks and you will do fine.

The Watchers
Location: The Watchers appears as random bosses in Pthumerian Labyrinth

This trio of The Watchers offers a tougher challenge than the Undead Giant. Similar to Primary Trio-Bosses, the key to success is pretty simple: do not let enemies surround you and keep your attention on one enemy at a time.

All the three Watchers appear at the same; with unique weapon and attack patterns. When we talk about their equipped weapons, two Watchers equip Cleavers and the other one equips a rifle.

As a general rule of thumb, you should first try and takedown the Watcher equipped with a rifle so as to negate any long-range damage.

Once done, divert your attention to the remaining Watchers, but remember: only one at a time. Dodge away from the simple swipe attacks and find room to land your own strikes.

Watchdog of the Old Lords
Location: Watchdog of the Old Lords appears as a random boss in Pthumerian Labyrinth

This large lapdog of the Old Lords has three primary attacks at his disposal. He uses different type of attacks at different ranges. Below is a quick overview of all his attacks:

  • A champing attack at close range
  • An area-of-effect attack with a high damage output
  • A fire-based leaping attack at long range

Fortunately, none of these attacks are too complicated to dodge. Simply back off or dodge away in any direction to avoid taking damage from the champing attack.

Tip: Furthermore, do note that attacking Watchdog’s abdominal cavity increases your maximum damage output. You can do so by simply dodging and getting directly underneath him.

Always keep an eye on this nasty beast and whenever you see him charging up, dodge away to avoid area-of-effect damage. Lastly, if you are standing at a close range, try and close the gap by dashing forward and you should be fine.

Maneater Boar
Location: Maneater Boar appears as a random boss in Pthumerian Labyrinth

This large pig is identical to a fighter bull in his charges. Once the fighting starts, it will charge at your character. Dodge away on either side and watch it smash into some pillars and cause havoc.

As soon as you see the Boar smash into some pillars, charge in with a couple of attacks and retreat immediately. Always remember to keep an eye on its butt-attack if you are standing directly behind it – it’s fast and you will hardly notice it.

If you are standing too close, make sure to dodge away or back off if the Boar starts shaking violently. Keep all these attacks in mind and find your own window in-between to win this boss fight.

Beast-Possessed Soul
Location: Beast-Possessed Soul appears as a random boss in the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth

This is an exceedingly easy boss fight, provided that you do everything right. There are only a handful of attacks at his disposal which include tossing fireballs at your character and quick swipe attacks.

Both these attacks can easily be dodged by moving in any available direction. You only need to land a couple of fully charged attack with a few normal whips to take this beast down.

Keeper of the Old Lords
Location: Keeper of the Old Lords appears as a random boss in the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth

Keeper of the Old Lords is certainly one of the hardest Chalice Dungeon Bosses that you will encounter in Bloodborne. The dude is extremely agile and delivers continuous strikes from his Kitana and fire-based spells.

First off, do note that his fire-based spells cannot be dodged in backward direction – you need to dodge sideways to avoid any damage. As for his Kitana whips, those can be dodged in any possible direction.

Keeper will pause for a while after a couple of quick strikes, providing you with ample room to land some of your own strikes.

Drop his HP bar to around 50% and he will acquire additional fire-based damage, increasing his overall damage output. At this phase of the battle, be extra cautious as only a few hits from the Keeper will make a short work of you.

Pthumerian Descendant
Location: Pthumerian Descendant appears as a random boss in the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth

The key to defeating Pthumerian Descendant is to stick to his back and dodge his continuous sickle-attacks. The first phase of the fight is not hard so you will drop him down to 50% HP in no time.

During the second phase of the boss battle, Pthumerian Descendant will break his sickle into two pieces and lunge at you with a new leaping attack in addition to previous attacks.

The best way to avoid his leaping attack is to dodge directly underneath him. As soon as Pthumerian Descendant lands, lock-on again (you will lose your lock-on once he leaps into the air) and land a few quick blows.

Just keep all his attacks and attack patterns in mind and do not miss small opportunities to land your own strikes and you will complete this boss fight in no time.

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