Blizzard Opens Its First Estadium for Overwatch

Blizzard has finally decided to seriously jump into competitive events by opening its first eSports stadium in Taipei. This eStadium will host its first tournament for Overwatch on 8th April 2017.

The gaming Titan has moved up from its annual weekend conventions to permanent competitive gaming space. This new stadium in Taipei is fronted by a snack bar and a memorabilia shop.

Engadget released some photos to showcase Blizzards brand new stadium

The Blizzard eStadium as it is named can seat up to 250 fans, the event center will host both local and international matches for the Asian Pacific region. Their snack bar, however, is expected to be stocked with goods that complement Blizzard’s jokey sense of humor.

The first tournament that Blizzard will host for Overwatch will include 8 teams from Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and Thailand. Who will compete for 11 weeks with the top three teams advancing to the annual playoffs of Overwatch WorldCup.

This venue will expand to host matches for other games as well, like Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone.

This venue will not be hosting any big events with a capacity of just 250 seats, but it is fit for small scale tournaments. This is a good first attempt by Blizzard and we can expect to see many Hearthstone tournaments in here.

Choosing Taipei as their first destination to open an eStadium is also applaudable because it can serve as a center for Asian gamers from China, Japan, Korea, and even Philipines.This is a close to home destination for them.

Now that Blizzard has started opening eStadiums, we can expect more to open all around the world. We expect to see a big stadium that would be able to host larger scale tournaments and even the final championship.

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