Blizzard Is Removing The Ability For World Of Warcraft Add-ons To Tell Players What To Do In Raids

According to Lead game designer, Ion Hazzikostas, Blizzard is removing all the add ons from World Of Warcraft that tell people where to raids.

UI add-ons is a huge part of World Of Warcraft, which helps players to play in the compatitive level. However, Blizzard Entertainment thinks that these add-ons are kind of unfair as they hold player’s hands in the competitive level. So Blizzard has decided to remove these add-ons.

Blizzard has decided to remove the ability for add-ons in World Of Warcraft which tell players where to stand and move in raids. Lead game designer, Ion Hazzikostas, revealed it during Gamescom 2016.

Speaking on a community stream Hazzikostas said that the team did not wanted to announce the removal of add-ons support until they were sure of that it would not affect other add-ons that help players to explore or find treasure.

He further added that while the complexity of the mechanics increases with add-ons, however, all levels are internally tested with the default UI.

These changes will be applied with Patch 7.1 which is will drop a short while after Legion’s release.

In related news, Blizzard has also announced the World Of Warcraft Legion patch 7.1 which will be titled “Return To Karazhan”. It will include :

  • Karazhan is central to the story of the Legion and it’s an important place. It’s going to be a 5 player large, epic dungeon – almost a 5 player raid, with 9 bosses. Feedback that players missed dungeons like Blackrock Depths.
  • The original Karazhan raid is not going anywhere.
  • In addition to Karazhan, there is a small raid between Nightmare and Nighthold, that wraps up the Stormheim storyline.
  • Patch 7.1 content also includes new Suramar quests and world content.
  • Will hit PTR right after Legion launches.

Blizzard has also challenged World Of Warcraft players to find secrets in the new Legion expansion. According to the company, at least one of the secrets isn’t going to be discovered for at least six months after the expansion’s release.

Source: PCgamesn.

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