Blair Witch Gameplay Will Heavily Feature The Dog From The Trailer

The loveable pooch we saw in the E3 trailer will heavily be involved with the Blair Witch gameplay, confirmed by the developers

Blair Witch is an upcoming horror video game based on the movies.

While the game is set in the movie universe, the developers cited different games as well. One thing they discussed was the role of the Blair Witch dog. Believe it or not, the dog is a major part of the Blair Witch gameplay.

Bloober Team writer and developer spoke about the purpose of Ellis’ Dog. Specifically how it factors into the Blair Witch gameplay.

The dog is your only ally in the forest. While it can’t save you or get you out, it can definitely help. The companionship from the pooch can also make the feeling of loneliness slightly transparent. Sure you don’t have any people with you, but you got a loyal dog.

We’re not sure yet if that means players will control the dog at times or they will be an AI ally. Personally, I hope the dog doesn’t die. I can’t stomach cute dogs dying in any form of media whatsoever. Writer Basia Kciuk spoke about this point. He did suggest that the dog is also there to give players something to take care of.

Besides the dog, Bloober team also talked about some other games that inspired them. This includes Firewatch, which inspired a lot of Blair Witch gameplay.

Firewatch isn’t a horror game though right? That’s what Bloober Team also agreed with. This is why their focus was on learning from the game mechanics instead.

Basia Kciuk spoke about inspiration.
“Every game that features walking in a forest is a great inspiration. There are not so many high profile games about forests. Although Slender Man was great for a moment, it’s hard to draw inspiration.”

Firewatch captures the essence of a mystery very well. The way players navigate the forest. The way the story unfolds and paces itself. Kciuk emphasized on how Firewatch captures being alone but with a presence of others simultaneously. I’m sure the way that translates into the Blair Witch video game will not be fun.

The Blair Witch video game releases August 2019 on the PC and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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