Black Ops: How to Get Claymores in Call of the Dead

Now you can set traps wherever you wish in Call of the Dead!

Utilities in Call of Duty: Black Ops have always been extremely effective and fun-to-use items, especially the ones that go boom. This is true even more so on the Call of the Dead map, being one of the largest maps in the game.

Given such a huge map, Claymores are of utmost importance since there are a lot of areas you can get jumped from. Placing Claymores in these areas helps kill any unwanted zombies that might surprise you – or just do a ton of damage and get rid of a group of zombies at once.

The problem is that you aren’t equipped with Claymores in Call of the Dead right off the bat – you need to find and then buy them. Since the game doesn’t tell you where or how you can do that, it is up to us to enlighten you on the matter.

How to get Claymores in Call of the Dead

Getting your hands on Claymores in Call of the Dead is easier than you may think. All you have to do is purchase them off of a wall buy located in the eastern part of the map. This is near the stern, i.e. in the room at the back of the wrecked ship, right beside the Double-tap Perk machine.

You may have to clear a few Debris boats to reach this area. You will know you are at the wallbuy when you see a white outline of a claymore on a red wall. Once here, you will need to spend 1000 Points to obtain two Claymores from this wall buy.


To place a Claymore, press right on the D-pad and then press R2/RT.

Now that you have obtained the Claymores, we recommend that you be smart about where to place them. It is better to save them for later rounds because George Romero might trigger them and get aggroed.


You may want to consider placing the Claymores at points where you need cover against higher-level zombies. An example of such a location would be the Lighthouse entrance.

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