Black Ops 4 is Already Suffering from Aimbot Plague on PC

A user on Reddit has discovered Black Ops 4 aimbot. He has posted a video of a player getting easy headshots on the PC version of the game.

Just after a week of its launch, Black Ops 4 aimbot have already been found on the PC version of the game. As you know PC is an easy target so the hackers have found a way to install aimbot hacks.

It’s a common issue nowadays. Some players always tend to find a program to take unfair advantage in video games. The most common target is PC games than the console.

This aimbot hacker was discovered by a user on Reddit. He posted a video to show how one player used aimbot to get a large number of doubtful kills.

You can witness this in the video below. A player named ‘ViciouZ’ manages to get six kills within seconds. These kills include god-like precision and long headshots. Trust me, that’s not possible. The player gets an automatic precision on a player after player without missing any bullets.

It’s definitely possible to take headshots in Call of Duty games but the way his aim automatically turns towards a players head make this questionable.

Luckily this post was spotted by Treyarch. Treyarch responded by saying that they “take anti-cheat very seriously” and it’s an ongoing process for them to address these issues BO4.

Through in-game function and — you can also post at me. We take anti-cheat very seriously, and have worked closely with Blizzard’s security team on the process. Sadly, some people will always try to cheat, so it is an ongoing process for us to address any issues we see.

If you witness any kind of players with a similar hack, you can report him using the in-game report option. We hope Treyarch puts an end to this before it gets out of hands.

We have seen previous games like Modern Warfare 2 being flooded with hackers and cheaters so it’s definitely something to be worried about.

In other news, Activision has announced that it has generated more than $500 in just three days after the game launched. Black Ops 4 has also made a new record for the total number of players online combined.

It’s also the best selling day one digital game on PlayStation Store. Treyarch says that it’s just the beginning so be prepared.

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