BO3 Zombies: Shadows Of Evil Juggernog Location

Track down the Perk-a-Cola machines.

The Juggernog is one of the most useful perk-a-colas found in Shadows of Evil that bumps up your resistance from three zombie hits to six in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

It doesn’t matter if you’re venturing solo or playing with a whole team, buying the Juggernog is an essential perk that every player must do as it can save your life against the hordes of zombies coming your way.

However, finding this Perk-a-Cola requires a little effort since this is one of three perks whose location continues to rotate in every game. For your ease, we’ve mentioned all three of the possible locations where the Juggernog will spawn in Shadows of Evil.


While you’re in the Junction, head towards each gate and you’ll come across a broken bottle sitting on a crate. To find the Juggernog, you need to head inside the district which has a red bottle outside.

Waterfront District

The first location where the Juggernog can be found is on top of the staircase in the Waterfront District. Simply after reaching the area, turn into the beast and switch on the power to the stairs to create a path. Once that’s done, activate the other power switch that turns on the power to the vending machine.

Do note that the actual perk may vary but you might be getting a Speed Cola or a Double Tap in BO3 Zombies.

Footlight District

This is very similar to the Waterfront District in Shadows of Evil. All you need to do is to change into the beast, slingshot to the second floor, and activate the power switch near the stairs to make the stairs appear. Once that’s done, head upstairs, and find the machine on the right side next to the power switch that turns it on.

Canal District

The last location to find the Juggernog in Shadows of Evil is inside the Zandi’s Smoke Lounge which can be accessed by opening all of the doors from the Canal Station.

Once there, turn into the beast and add power to the locked staircase of the lounge to find the perk-a-cola in the building across the bridge.

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