BO3 Zombies: Shadows Of Evil Fuse Locations

Fix the master switch.

To turn on the power in the Shadows of Evil map in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, you need to find three fuses scattered around the city and put them in the master switch.

The fuses that you need to find to activate the power are located in three different districts of the map: The Canals, the Waterfront, and the Footlight District. However, their locations within these districts will be randomized between one of three different locations.

Even though there may be three different locations for each fuse in a district, they are usually spawned very close to each other. They flash with a white light, which makes them even easier to locate. 

Fuse #1: Canal District 

To find the first fuse, you first need to head over to the Canal District gate which is to the left of the stairs to the trump station. Once you cross enter the gate to the Canal High Street, you will find the fuse on the far end of the catwalk opposite Zandi’s Smoke Lounge neon sign.

All three locations of the fuses are on the same walkway – either on a barrel or a crate, etc.

Fuse #2: Waterfront District

The second fuse that you need to find to activate the power in Shadows of Evil is located on the far end of the catwalk (Waterfront High Street) in a corner railing in the Waterfront District. If it’s not there, try searching for it on a barrel or a corner of a large crate. 

Fuse #3: Footlight District

As for the final fuse, head over to the Footlight District and find it on a railing along the catwalk. The catwalk will be located to your left as you walk through the Footlight High Street Gate.

They can either spawn on the railing, on a barrel next to the Beast Mode fountain, or the ground next to the wall opposite the benches.

How to turn on the Power in Shadows of Evil

After getting all the fuses in COD Shadows of Evil, you need to head over to the Rift area in the basement which is only accessible by breaking the weak wall in the beast mode.


You can enter Beast Mode by interacting with the purple glowing fountains located in several locations on the map.

In the area across the Rift, you’ll come across a fusebox that will have three slots for all three fuses. You need to insert the fuses in the fusebox to activate/turn on the power/electricity.


Try to break the wall as soon as possible after entering Beast Mode as it only lasts for 25 seconds and you can only access it a couple of times per round.

Once you hear the dialogue that you’ve successfully activated the power, you will see machines around the city with 2,000 written on them.

You will then be able to interact with these machines and get yourself a buddy robot called Civil Protector for 2,000 who will shoot down zombies for you.

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