Black Ops 2 Buried – How To Build Subsurface Resonator

The Subsurface Resonator is another new buildable machine that you can construct at a drafting table in the latest zombie map for Black Ops 2, called Buried. It’s similar to the machine gun turret found in previous maps in that it can be used to damage zombies and requires a turbine to function.

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As with most of the buildables in the map, all four of the parts of this machine can be found in the General Store building.

Unlock it, and make sure you definitely pick up a Resonator part, so that you can be sure that the workbench you use them on is going to make that buildable.
Here are the parts and their general locations/descriptions:

The first and most recognizable part of the resonator is the speaker, I recommend that you grab this first as it will be difficult for you to mistake it for any other part. You’ll find it in the main area, opposite from the weapons cabinet.

This part looks like a circular disk (sort of like a funnel) and is sitting atop one of the two counters in the main room of the general store. There is a part for another buildable on the other counter so make sure you go to the one right next to the barrel.


The one holds the mechanism for the resonator (i.e the other parts) and can be found as you go upstairs. Just as you come out onto the second floor you can find this part at the top of the stairs, in the corner.

The base of the entire contraption, you can find it lying next to the wall very close to the back door of the General Store. It looks like a little wooden table.

When you’ve crafted the resonator, plop it down on the floor and drop a turbine next to it for zombie slaying madness.

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