BioWare Puts End To Rumors That New Dragon Age Game Is Dragon Age 4

Mike Laidlaw of BioWare has said that the new Dragon Age game that the studio is working on is not Dragon Age 4, despite what rumors say.

BioWare head Mike Laidlaw took to Twitter today to lay down the law after a series of rumors about a new Dragon Age game have spiraled into saying that the studio is working on Dragon Age 4. While there is a new Dragon Age title being made, it’s not the next game.

The last Dragon Age game to release was Dragon Age Inquisition, which was the biggest and best Dragon Age game yet. However, the cliffhanger ending on its final DLC Trespasser, which revealed party member Solas as the elven god Fen’Harel, and revealed that he was planning to merge the Fade with the real world (something much of the world wouldn’t survive) made fans hungry for the sequel.

BioWare hasn’t given any sort of information as to what this new Dragon Age game will be. It might very well be a side game that’s not connected to the main story, taking us to a different part of Thedas or even a different time period. Either way, it’s not Dragon Age 4.

It’s been three years since Inquisition came out, and aside from BioWare teasing the new Dragon Age game on Twitter from time to time we know nothing about the game. Whatever BioWare puts out as the new Dragon Age game, hopefully they’ll be announcing it soon, maybe next E3 or maybe at some other point in the next few years.

Whether it turns out to be good or bad, or has been put on hold for the time being so that BioWare can work on its recently-announced game Anthem, or even that the game is now being worked on down to the last detail to prevent another disaster like Mass Effect Andromeda, hopefully we’ll be learning more about the Dragon Age game soon, along with a release date and plot.

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