How to Solve Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant

In Biomutant, you will encounter a variety of puzzles as you explore the world. The Rotation Puzzles, being the most common ones, present in-game differ from others in appearance, but all of them can be solved in the same way. In this guide, we will explain how to solve the Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant.

Solving Biomutant Rotation Puzzles

In each rotation puzzle in Biomutant, you must flip at least three dials and match them to the colors around the dials. The puzzles take on different graphic forms depending on the theme of the puzzle (radio, tv, toilet, etc) you’re working on, but the concepts stay the same.

The number of moving objects in each Rotation Puzzle varies from puzzle to puzzle. The moving objects are identified by orange or white markings or a mixture of the two. There are some unmovable pieces in the puzzle that are also marked with white and orange marks, in addition to the moveable components.

The goal of the Rotation Puzzles is for the player to rearrange the moveable pieces so that the pieces of the same color are adjacent to each other. Another thing to keep in mind concerning rotation puzzles is that players will only have a certain amount of moves to finish the challenge.

The number of moves you have is dependent on your character’s ‘Intellect’ attribute. The higher the Intellect attribute is, the greater number of moves your character will have to solve the Rotation Puzzle.

Also, if you fail to solve a puzzle in the allotted number of moves, do not worry, as you can exit and try the puzzle again. The puzzle, however, will change up a bit when you try again. So, you can take as many tries as you want to solve the Rotation Puzzles.

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