Bethesda Starfield Release Is Still A Long Way Off, But Pete Hines Is Confident

Pete Hines has said that even though the Bethesda Starfield release is still a long way off, we'll be impressed when it comes.

Back at E3 2018, Bethesda revealed an upcoming new game alongside the bombshell announcement of Elder Scrolls 6. However, much like Elder Scrolls, the Bethesda Starfield release is still a long ways off. However, Pete Hines of Bethesda is still confident the game will be worth the wait when it does release.

Bethesda has had a rough couple of years in the past, ranging from the highly negative reception of Fallout 76, the now meme-worthy mockery of releasing The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim for literally everything you can play games on, and more.

Starfield is supposed to be a science-fiction space game where players have an entire galaxy to roam around rather than a single planet or region like Tamriel. However, there haven’t been any more bits of information released about Starfield since it was first announced aside from multiple fake release date leaks.

Since Gamescom has come around, the game is now once again in the spotlight as some German game journalists attempt to get at least some information about it. All Pete Hines can say about the Bethesda Starfield release though is that as it gets closer to being complete, we’ll start seeing more information.

Hines says that while his life would be a lot easier if the team was ready to actually show off what they were working on, but until Starfield was actually ready to truly reveal, there wasn’t much he could do. However, he still is confident that we’ll be impressed and excited by what we will see when the time comes.

With both the Bethesda Starfield release and the Elder Scrolls 6 release still years away, it seems like the studio may have jumped the gun in announcing them, especially when both trailers barely had anything in them at all.

But, with that in mind, we’ll probably just have to trust what Hines says and hope that the game actually looks and plays well when it’s finally revealed beyond just a teaser trailer.

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