Best Weapon Enchantments in Skyrim

Use the right weapon enchantments or else...

Enchantments in Skyrim grant passive bonuses to the gear. Depending on the enchantment used, the bonuses can be damage, magic, stamina, or health. With these enchantments, players can bring out the true potential of their gear. Enchantments can be used on Armor sets, wearables (necklaces, rings, circlets), and weapons. Some gear has enchantments already placed on them, while others have to be enchanted.

This guide will discuss the best weapon enchantments players can use in Skyrim with different effects and for different purposes. And if you want to know more about Enchantment in Skyrim, we have a guide for you on that as well.

Best Weapon Enchantments to Increase Damage in Skyrim

Damage is the first upgrade that comes to mind when we think of weapons. How much damage a weapon can deal? Players usually seek ways to increase the weapon damage to slay those bad guys relatively easily. The same is the case in Skyrim. If you are looking for weapons enchantments that have extra damage effect, these should be your choices:

Fiery Soul Trap

Fiery Soul Trap is the only weapon enchantment in Skyrim that grants two abilities instead of one. This enchantment applies fire damage to enemies. The enemies that are burning get additional damage. In addition to that, this enchantment also inflicts soul trap. So any Soul Gem in your possession will also be filled as you take down enemies.

Fire Damage

A weapon enchantment that adds elemental damage to your weapon. With a fire enchantment in use, burn enemies and deal fire damage to burning enemies.

Briarheart Geis

In Skyrim, Nords become a hefty opponent due to their endurance. Using this weapon enchantment, deal additional damage to Nords and take them down as any regular enemy.

Chaos Damage

One of the fan-favorites in Skyrim. This weapon enchantment gives players a 50% chance to inflict any random elemental damage to enemies on every hit. This means one of your two hits will have an elemental attack infused with it.

Huntsman’s Prowess

Huntsman’s Prowess is a simple yet effective enchantment when players are out to collect ingredients and items for crafting/ smithing. Players come across a number of animals and due to their nature, it is difficult to fight them off easily. With this enchantment, players deal extra damage to animals.

Shock Damage

An enchantment that targets two attributes of the enemy. The Shock Damage enchantment attacks the health and Magicka of an enemy.

Silent Moons Enchant

The Silent Moon Enchant is a useful enchantment to have around. When fighting enemies at night, this enchantment deals burn damage along with each swing you hit on the enemy.

Frost Damage

Frost Damage is another enchantment that targets two attributes of the enemy (health and stamina). As one can expect, it will also slow down enemies with attacks.

Magicka Damage

It’s a useful enchantment if you play as a Mage. This enchantment increases the base damage of player weapons and reduces the enemy’s magicka with each hit.

Smithing Expertise

Smithing Expertise is an enchantment that amplifies the smithing stats of any weapon. While forging any weapon in Skyrim, apply this enchantment beforehand to increase the weapons stats. This enchantment also adds shock damage to the weapon, meaning that now your weapon will also deal shock damage.

Weapon Enchantments to Absorb Health, Stamina, and Magicka

Dealing damage in Skyrim is great; however, some weapons enchantments in Skyrim let players absorb enemy resources like health, stamina, and magicka.

Absorb Health

Absorb Health is one of the few non-offensive weapon enchantments in Skyrim. With each hit, you will absorb some of the enemy’s health. So, if you are a melee player with a lot of close combat, this weapon enchantment can be very effective.

Absorb Stamina

Another non-offensive weapon enchantment, the Absorb Stamina, replenishes the player’s stamina for every successful hit done on the enemy.

Absorb Magicka

Absorb magicka is a useful weapon enchantment, especially if your playstyle is of a Mage. If you run out of magicka, use this enchantment on your weapon and refill your Magicka with every hit you deal to the enemies.

Best Weapon Enchantments for Followers in Skyrim

I am unsure if you know this, but you can also use enchantments on followers’ weapons in Skyrim. Adding the right enchantments to their weapons can help you make effective combos. For instance, if your follower has the paralyze enchantment, it can come in handy to deal extra damage while the enemies are paralyzed. It’s also one of the best enchantment combos, which we have discussed below.

  • Absorb Health: Absorb the health of enemies on hit.
  • Fire Damage: Burn enemies and deal fire damage to burning enemies.
  • Shock Damage: Deal shock damage to both the health and Magicka of enemies.
  • Frost Damage: Deal Frost damage to both the health and Magicka of enemies.
  • Magicka Damage: Dealing damage to enemies drops their magicka as well.
  • Chaos Damage: Has a 50% chance of dealing elemental damage on each hit.
  • Soul Trap: Enemies killed will fill up a Soul Gem

What are the best combos for weapon enchantments in Skyrim?

Players can come up with a good number of matches when it comes to utilizing enchantments with weapons. Some may be more potent than others. You can even enchant a weapon with up to 2 enchantments. Let’s list down some of the best combos in this regard:

Fiery Soul Trap and Paralyze

Use paralyze to stop enemies and then add fire damage to all your attacks with Fiery Soul Trap. In addition to this, collect souls for each enemy you kill.

Chaos Damage and Absorb Health

With Chaos Damage, you are inflicting damage on your enemies with random elemental damage and gaining health on each attack with Absorb Health.

Shock Damage and Absorb Stamina

Using Shock Damage, you impact the enemy’s health and magicka and drain their stamina with Absorb Stamina. This combo is good for replenishing your stamina as you hit your enemies.

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