Best Star Wars Games to Play before The Force Awakens

The entire Internet is all about Star Wars right now — and no, I’m not just referring to Facebook DP filters. With Episode VII: The Force Awakens close at hand, there are a lot of speculations, rumors, wishes concerning the upcoming episode.

I, personally, am exceedingly hyped up for Dec. 25, 2015. Revisiting earlier episodes, Clone Wars, and not to mention a handful of Star Wars video games has become an integral part of daily schedule. While the recently released Star Wars: Battlefront failed to impress me on so many levels, there are plenty of amazing SW video games out there to help me keep my excitement in check.

This article essentially details what I think are some of the best Star Wars games out there and should be played at least once by the franchise’s fans:

Star Wars: The Old RepublicPC

It’s been almost 4 year since the release of TOR and I can confidently say that the storyline offered by it remains unparallel to this very date. While I may get bashed for saying this, but the rich narrative experience offered by TOR even surpasses the likes of World of Warcraft and Everquest. I mean, sure there are some issues regarding the end game, but all in all it offers a unique journey, deep narrative, and well fleshed-out characters.

Star Wars: Rogue SquadronPC and N64

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron

With Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, LucasArts corrected everything wrong with Shadows of the Empire, took its best levels, and turned into a full-fledged video game. One of the reasons as to why Rogue Squadron made it my list is because of the wide arsenal of vehicles it offers. While it may not appeal to today’s audience, but the excitement of commandeering TIE Interceptor, the Millennium Falcon, and Naboo Starfighter a whole year before the Phantom Menace came out made it a big deal back in the day.

Star Wars: TIE FighterPC, Mac, and DOS

Star Wars - TIE Fighter

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is hands-down one of the best Star Wars space-battling simulator out there. The game basically pits players on the side of the Empire. The game basically puts you in the shoes of a new Imperial recruit; directly ordered by Lord Vader to annihilate some Rebel scum which alone makes it so amazing. In case this does not appeal to you, the game puts you against the likes to Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and you get to cruise around in a TIE Fighter. How cool is that?!

Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastPC, Mac, Xbox, and GameCube

Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast

While the Star Wars universe has introduced fans to a number of amazing characters, Kyle Katarn is probably one of the best. Those of you who do not know, this guy alone set the stage for ‘A New Hope’. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast essentially puts the player in the shoes of Kyle Katarn with all sorts of weapons at your disposal and probably some of the best Lightsaber sequences you will ever witness in a Star Wars game that even puts the modern video games to shame. Everything about this game including the multiplayer component and its predecessor set a standard for how a Star Wars game ought to be!

Knights of the Old RepublicPC, Mac and Xbox

Knights of the Old Republic

You probably knew about it even before you clicked the article! Honestly, I cannot begin to list down things that make this game one of the best Star Wars games out there. The game not only lets you become a Jedi through and through, the game’s amazing and well fleshed-out narrative makes it one of its kinds. From discovering your powers to building your own Lightsaber, from exploring each and every cranny of galaxy to battling sith lords; Knights of the Old Republic is indeed a complete Star Wars experience without any doubt.

So here is what I think are some of the best Star Wars games out there of all time. Do make sure to share your own list with me in the comments section below and may the Force be with you!

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