Splatoon 3 Best Main Weapons To Ink The Battlefield

Splatoon 3 features a massive armory of weapons to choose from. Each weapon belongs to one of the 11 weapon classes. These classes are designed to offer a unique gameplay experience. Depending on your preferences, you will need to find which class suits you best before picking one of its weapons.

Choosing the best weapon in Splatoon 3 can also be a little difficult since once you have finalized a weapon class, you must also consider the special and sub-weapons that can be paired with each main weapon.

The following guide attempts to make your search easier by pointing out the five best weapons you can pick without batting an eye in Splatoon 3.

Splattershot Pro

The Splattershot Pro is perhaps the best go-to weapon in Splatoon 3. It belongs to the Shooter class with a base damage of 42 and features a respectable power and range without any significant drawbacks.

The Splattershot Pro should not be confused with either the standard Splattershot or the Splattershot Jr. While both of the latter weapons are also good weapons in their own right, the Splattershot Pro is what you need to decimate the arena.

Furthermore, investing 200 points in the Splattershot Pro will allow you to activate the Crab Tank special weapon. This special ability deploys a crab machine to spread paint all around the arena in a large radius.

You can unlock the Splattershot Pro at level 9. You will also be able to access the new Angle Shooter sub-weapon to mark enemies for more clarity and make it easier to trail your crosshairs over running targets.

Splatana Wiper

The Splatana Wiper is literally a windshield wiper that you wield as a sword to slash enemies while spreading ink.

It has a short range but gets balanced out by its fast attack speed. All you need to do is get in range to do a ton of damage to your targets.

The Splatana Wiper features the Ultra Stamp special weapon which requires 180 points to activate. It gives you a giant hammer that can smash the ground to spread ink and damage multiple enemies.

You also get the Torpedo sub-weapon which can be lobbed at enemies like a bomb. It spreads ink around the area upon explosion.

You can unlock the Splatana Wiper at level 5. Its base damage is 30 and 15 for horizontal and direct slashes respectively. Doing a charged slash will do 60 damage.

Aerospray MG

The Aerospray MG is widely considered the best weapon for beginners because of its easy aiming. There is little to no recoil alongside a high firing rate. The downside is that the weapon does low base damage of 24.

You can unlock the Aerospray MG at level 5. It comes with the Reefslider special weapon that requires 200 points to activate. The ability lets you ride an inflatable shark around the map for quick mobility.

The weapon also features the Fizzy Bomb sub-weapon that explodes more than once depending on its charging time. The bomb covers an area with ink upon explosion. Multiple explosions naturally cover a lot more ground.

Splat Dualies

The Splat Dualies is another weapon on the list that does a low base damage of 24 with a moderate range. What makes this one of the best weapons in Splatoon 3 is its dodge roll ability. Yes, you can roll to evade enemy attacks with the Splat Dualies.

The Splat Dualies features the Crab Tank special weapon just like the Splatterspot Pro. Its Suction Bomb sub-weapon is one of the best abilities you can have in PvP fights. You can lob bombs that stick to enemy players as well as to walls, floors, and ceilings.

Tri Sloshier

The Tri Slosher hails from the Slosher class and features one of the largest ink-spread coverages in Splatoon 3. The weapon also has insane damage of 62, one of the highest in the game.

You can unlock the Tri Slosher at level 10. It features the Inkjet special weapon that requires 200 points. When activated, you will hover around the map while spreading ink from your jetpack. You will also be able to do increased damage to enemies.

In addition, its Toxic Mist sub-weapon covers an area with fog. Any enemies that get trapped in the fog will start losing ink from their tanks as well as reduced mobility.

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