Best Health Potions in Skyrim With Recipes And Ingredients

What are the best health potions you should brew in Skyrim?

We all know how important health points are in any game. And how necessary it is to have any method to restore that health bar as soon as possible, especially in combat. In Skyrim, one method to restore health is through potions. Making potions depends on the art of Alchemy and mixing the right ingredients. Some ingredients are more potent than others and can lead to better and stronger potions. You can also create mixed-effect potions that increase health and grant passive buffs.

In this guide, we will look into the best possible combinations to craft the best health potions in Skyrim and their recipes.

Regenerate Health, Invisibility and Fortify Armor

What’s better than a health potion in a situation where you have been ambushed or caught off guard? A health potion that not only restores your health but also increases your defense and grants you temporary invisibility to escape or evade. This mixed-effect potion can give you regeneration of health for 60 seconds and an increase in armor by 25% for 60 seconds, along with 6-10 seconds of invisibility.

IngredientWhere to find it
Lunar Moth WingLunar Moths
Vampire DustDropped by vampires
Skeever TailSkeevers

Regenerate Health and Restore Magicka

Magicka is very important in Skyrim. Without magicka, Mages would mostly be simple targets with no weapons to defend them against threats that lurk in the land. Every spell cast consumes a fair share of magicka. So it is important to have a potion that can help in restoring that lost magicka whilst also regenerating players’ health

IngredientWhere to find it
Vampire DustVampires
Elves EarAlchemy shops and occasionally homes
Juniper BerriesAlong the trees in The Reach, Markarth

Restore Health and Fortify One-Handed

A mixed-effect potion that not only restores your health but also gives you that edge in battles can be of great use. This potion increases your damage output when using one-handed weapons along with the necessary restoration of health.

IngredientWhere to find it
Warbler EggsBird Nests
Heart of OrderBought from Khajit Caravans

Restore Health, Stamina, Resist Poison and Cure Diseases

In Skyrim, all your actions require stamina. Whether it is combat, stealth, movement, or even sword and shield swinging, a certain amount of stamina is drained. And it is necessary to refill that stamina or else you might be at a disadvantage in a crucial situation. Even in a state of disease, your stamina is slowly depleting. To tackle such cases where you need stamina, are low on health, and are affected by a disease, we have the right solution for you. Brew this potion that not only regenerates health and stamina but also resists any form of poison and cures yourself of any disease.

IngredientWhere to find it
Charred Skeever HideCharred Skeevers in campsites
Mudcrab ChitinMudcrabs (Near lakes and rivers)
Swamp Fungal PodSwamps in Skyrim

Restore Health and Fortify Health

There are times when your current health amount is not enough to take on the enemy ahead as you can expect severe blows. In circumstances like these, it is best to have a potion that not only regenerates your health but also grants an increase in health as well. The effect is temporary but having more health than your usual health is something that can help you last a hefty fight.

IngredientWhere to find it
Blue Mountain FlowersAll around the roads of Skyrim
WheatFarms, merchants
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